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The Hurried Madd

     Vacation was good.  I wish to express to everyone a happy Friday the 13th, even though it is Saturday.  It was my time to sit back and relax.  Now, I get ready to work so that I can come back and hang out with Jennifer, maybe even Mike and a few other people as well.  Ever since I got FFIV, I noticed something amazing.  I have been up well before 1100a each day, including when I would go to bed around 0500a or so.  I either just wake up, or something else wakes me up.  I never did questions the powers of FF.  I did spend my holiday time well.  Went to see the Final Fantasy movie with Myles, with dITZ and Jenny showing up as well.  More on the break down of the movie later.  Afterwards, went to see Monkey Bone over at Myles place.  It was better than I had expected it to be.  Then for the coupe de gras, I went to play Super Smash Brothers and Mario Party over at Jenny and dITZ place.  I crashed over there, maybe it was the four beers combined with the little sleep I have been getting.  Who knows... I want to go play FFIV before I go to work.  Zeramous is giving me problems, even at level 64!!

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