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Definition: training

Many humans have noticed on my Yahoo calendar that I am currently in TRAINING for some of last week and all of this week and some of the upcoming week. Training is something that I did not have to do, so, I will explain what it is. I take tickets. When you call up stating you have no dial tone, or your service is not working, and you are in one of the 14 states that Qwest serves, or, you are with an alternate provider in a state that Qwest is in, then when you call, or your alternate provider calls, a ticket is created to "fix" the problem. I state "fix" because many times the customer does not know how to use/troubleshoot their services/equipment, or, they did not pay their bill, etc. When a ticket is created, one of two things happens. It is created by an RSA, someone who JUST takes calls, and the ticket gets sent to screening. Or, the ticket is answered by a combo person (someone who not only is an RSA but also is a screener... these are the people who "test" while you are on the line. they know more than an rsa by theory). Some times, the combo person sends it to go to a technitian, but the computer system tests the line and thinks everything is okay. These tickets get sent back to screening for further investigation. Some times a problem is an area problem, or not associated with a phone number (ie. someone hits a phone pole, someone cuts an underground cable). When this happens, a message report (MR) is created. These automatically go to screening.

Madd is a screener. Some times he takes calls. Some times he is "pulled" to check out tickets and screen them. When you screen a ticket, you test it, you check programming, and basically figure out what is wrong and how to resolve the wrong. If the account has been disconnected, then I would call a customer and tell them to pay their damn bill. Hahaha, no, not really. I would call and inform them that they need to speak with the credit management center (CMC) to help with their account.

Before training, I was only allowed to screen for residential and small business accounts. Residential accounts should speak for themselves. A small business account is an account that generally has less than 20 or so lines. Most small business accounts are local, however, not all of them. Also, there can be many less lines. Walmart, for example, may only have 4 or 5 lines, however, they are large business (AKA BGS). They have locations everywhere... i hear they are planning the moon next, dear me.

Well anyway, the training is BGS training. By law, someone who is not certified in BGS is not able to take a BGS ticket. I mean, it happens, just because some BGS tickets slip into the res/small bus screening buckets. A bucket is a place where all the tickets go for different areas and seperate res/small bus from BGS. So when training is complete, I will be able to grab BGS tickets.

What advantages do BGS have over regular? Well, the people, for the most part, know what they are talking about. Most of the time I am talking to a phone vendor or an alternate provider. Since they know what is going on, I do not have to talk down as if I was explaining something to a small child, and that happens a lot when you screen residential, or even small businesses. Also, a lot of tickets are actually circuts. We do not deal with circuits (t1, point to point, ATM, etc). This means the person who took the ticket put it in the wrong system. These are created by the screener in a different ticket system and sent to a different department. There is no troubleshooting at all. Tickets in BGS are weighted different also. There are so many tickets that a screener is to have per day to make stats, or they can get written up, lose job, etc. Residential are worth 1 point, while small bus are 1.2, and BGS are 1.5.

The down side? A BGS with 40 lines that are down and they want them all tested before sent to a technitian. Troubleshooting some BGS is a lot more complicated because they use complicated systems, such as more PBX, special equipment, etc.

So, now you know.

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