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Per Request JL020825.11252

It has been requested I just jump in, and start from here. I have always wanted to, but was never sure how. This is a good way, since I love to take requests. I should be a DJ or something... oh wait, then I could not afford Alex or a place for him to stay. Oh well. I'm double spacing, JOHD, however, I know the second space will be toasted, and I choose to not nbsp; code in. So... I guess this means I can jump up and down soon. Mwahaha!! JOHD!! How about a quickie? We will like it.

-New York requires being finished...
-Iowa City Gal is no longer a part of my Reality
-West Coast Girl broke a promise to Madd
-My job function has changed
-the cops have been called on me
-i am looking for a house
-i acquired a child (Alex, is actually noted to you JOHD)
-some humans i associate with are no longer around
-i have picked up a lot of new humans
-i've been battling procrastination a lot
-i've learned a lot of new things about myself
-i dont like a few things i have learned
-i absolutely love a few things i have learned
-i now know how to defeat procrastination... due to memory problems, it can require the help of others
-i've been moved at work... i am now on 4th floor with two phone numbers... i love my new place, miss my scroll wheel
-i have a sony drc-trv25 camera
-the following is actually in chronological order
-world trade towers were destroyed
-i went to sparkys
-i raged (noted to you, JOHD)
-i did a bong hit
-sparky starts drinking beer
-im a bother to Iowa City Gal
-i got my oil changed
-i killed three marios at once
-i went to bbops and had a nasty burger
-i walked an insanly long distance
-i made out with ang and almost had sex with her
-i went to myles
-saw enterprise, Final Fantasy, JP3, and Rush Hour 2
-Foffie called
-i missed OT
-i went to ryans stake house
-i talked to my aunt sabra
-people stopped caring
-wanda had a wedding and i skipped work to record it...
-i slept on a couch of ice
-i drank and spoke with mother and forgot how old i was (hEhEhE!! this still kills me)
-the US strikes back almost destorying the freaks who hit us
-for one day, i dont wear a floyd shirt in memory of being home (clinton) and home the USA
-Chrissy stopped over with droogies of hers
-i had the best day of work ever
-i went to hang with matt
-i FOUND DOE by Bloodrock
-i went to see Areosmith in concert
-i sang Floyd at the top of my lungs leaving
-someone drank Mock 10
-i went to myles again this time saw Dazed and COnfused, River's Edge (1st great movie) and Trading places
-i had thoughts of sarah... sarah who? who in the heck am I talking about?
-i returned the camcorder
-some heather girl made some sort of sexy reference to something
-i passed out on a couch
-nikki actually initiated a hug at work
-i had a BNL debate with steph... not sure what BNL is, and not sure which Steph im talking about is born
-i played timesplitters
-i saw K-Pax in theaters
-i got oral
-i got laid
-i passed out on the couch
-i played timesplitters again
-i worked on web pages
-i went to a house where people were murdered
-the twin, jeff, turns out to be an ass and is dissacoiated as a brother
-something about a deranged floyd guitarist who never made the band... oh yeah... its Halloween, and that person is madd
-the callers turn into demons and my day gets bad
-i use my cool costume to crank some Floyd during the break and sucessfully win over the demon callers
-saw myles
-riede came over and i got Ganondorf, the 80 GB external hard drive
-Iowa City Gal returned my ps1
-i started training for my new job title
-i fixed my tail light thanks to myles breaking my tail shield more
-movie: Legally blonde
-i moved a car
-i passed out and woke up thinking it was 5a but it was 5p
-ditz got a new car
-shelly, a work person, was being a bitch, drunk
-buddy got sick
-watched enterprise at mairs
-chrissy over
-thanksgiving observed w myles
-i was attacked by children
-i was bleeding
-went back to myles
-tv sucessfully on computer
-i got pizza
-riede came over
-played Streets of Rage(SoR)
-i made out with shell (and later find out she would not remember everything since she was drinking in which from now on the drinking rule is changed to include drinking of any kind)
-i passed out in a chair
-i went to blondino's and fixed his computer stuff
-i passed out in a couch
-i had liquid poop
-trisha turns into a hag, mirror effect™ is used afterwards
-i passed out
-i feel better
-i pass out
-mair birthday observed
-went to chaffin's and played halo
-drew comes over
-played Dead or Alive 3
-i went to myles
-i went to mairs birthday party
-virgina puts on a show... and that is all it is
-i start my BK LotR cup collection
-i went to the ozzy concert
-more xfiles
-i got the casio keyboard (yet to be named)
-mair called
-stingray is too busy chatting with a woman to talk to me... 1st time stingray lets me down
-had a good work day
-i forgot part of a day
-pack organ (ok, this is what Dexter has EXACTLY, hahaha!!)
-return organ (oh dear me... im glad i write out this stuff now)
-i picked up riede
-i picked up buddy... both at the same time... wow im strong
-went to vic and andy's... oh yeah, celebrating my birthday with someone else at work
-i got a FLOYD SHIRT
-chearbear's birthday observed
-i went to the ocaboji grill with humans to celebrate cherbears bday
-madd's bday observed
-cherbear gets sick in my toliet
-someone attempts oral with me but is denied due to rule enforcement
-i get a bday cake at MYLES place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-i catch xanaryan 1st time at new regal location
-i get a NEW (and currenly permenate) casio keyboard off net (yet to be named[YTBN])
-i do some civII
-i play bouncer w Riede over
-ang comes over
-i get oral
-i play more civII
-ang comes back over
-sexuality is denied to her
-more civII
-more civII
-mair breaks into Wil's VM
-i graduate screening!!
-i play civII
-i go vic & andy
-i hear about three ways
-more civII... i so love this game :D
-out for chinese
-movie: 1st Die Hard 3
-movie 1st: scary movie 2... and it is scary they made a sequal to something so horrid
-do the ditz wrk chinese thing
-mall w riede
-movie 1st: midnight express
-i have my first real screening day starting at 230p, back to the OLD shift... ah...

well... this concludes the year 2001. While a few things are skipped, note, JOHD, that Dexter is keeping tabs of them all. i must get ready for work... hey JOHD, as soon as possible, you can expect the final quickie that shall catch us up to current day... and then, we can go from there, and from now on, you can always be informed of what is going on... i love you JOHD... dont wait up for me this night because i may not be coming home :D

Master of Maddness, signing off......

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