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The cIrCuS...

     I realize my love for this game so much.  When I play, the role playing truly kicks in (some times too well).  As I was playing today, racking up to about 16+ hours of game time (plus the times I finally died from that darn Dark Elf), I realized that all problems and "malice" thoughts are washed away.  They are replaced with my thoughts of, "Madd... cover Rydia... Rose, cure Madd... Rydia... SUMMON!!"  I get so into the plot, I become lost.  At the same time, I lose a part of myself, the reason I am drawn back into the game.  I realize Cid is in trouble, or that the king needs my assistance.  That actually is inspiring me to write a story based off of it, and I am accepting people who wish to play the parts of the people in the game, whether "good" or "bad" or "neither".  I will have a list, and anyone who wants to be a part of this FFIV inspired story, just comment below an interest.  Full cast roster shall be given extremely soon.

     There have been a few people of late who have looked at my away messages and think that I have turned to a darker side of my personality, on of possibly sadness, or not such a likeness for life.  In actuality, the lust for life I had a while back has increased many times over.  FFIV brings back fond memories of a time when it was up to me to save all of existance, and I was darn good at what I did, and still am to this day.  FFIV is actually a closer translation to FFIV from Japan, as opposed to FFII in the USA.  This means items and spells and dialog that I have never seen before, or, seen in strange debugging mode of the infamous Gunslinger code for Game Genie.  Even then, the strange letters on the screen, and the word "dummy" for half of those items never let me know exactly what I was doing.  Plus, the game can be much harder.  There was more of a delay on the SNES version for US, and of course, being the master that I am, I have this one set up to fastest battle and active battle as well.  Turns out that not only does the faster battle make the people go slightly faster, it makes the monsters... all monsters, attack before I ever can.  I am not sure what is up with that, but oh well, so be it!

     I did an experiement last night, which requires more research.  I had some porn sounds softly playing from my computer as I was sleeping.  It was an attempt to check into exterior sounds while I would dream.  All I remember, is something about a penis.  That is all I remember.  It could have been mine, or someone else's, or it could have been chasing me, or just sitting there not even attached.  I just cannot remember.  I have not been remembering a lot of my dreams of late.  Just small bits and pieces.  That kind of aggrivates me, and I hope to have a nice vivid dream some time soon.  Besides porn effects, I have other things I plan to play in the background, so see how they effect how I dream.

     Well, take care everyone, I think I should do something about the fact I am nekkid... like... finish eating, and take a shower.  Just know, that if I do not miss anyone of you when you ask, means I did nothing but FFIV since the last time I saw or spoke with you :D

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