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I Farted Again

"May those who love us, love us. And those who don't love us -- may God turn their hearts. And if He cannot turn their hearts, may he turn their ankles, so that we may know them by their limping"

Madd's log, Maddate 020130.38 0104a:

     hehehe... my brain is doing that thing again... it makes my head move back and forth, and I start to bounce around as if I was having massive issues.  Once again, some song from long ago, video game related, is taking over my body!  I so love it, mwahaha!!

Game Reset

     [EVENTS sat 1-26] Well, I was explaining to Mair an important part of our relationship, and something I rarely do with anyone.  Come to think of it, JOHD, I am not sure I ever have done this before.  I was going to start the slate clean with her.  All things that I come in contact with get point values in a few different areas.  Then these are all summed up to give a "rating" to people, places, and things.  This is how things get priority over things, and also dictates how I feel about things or how I interact with things.  Never before can I think of doing a "reset" as if it was video game data that I decided I wanted to start over with.  I am not sure if it even is possible, time will tell.  So, I explained this to her.  Despite explaining it to her, she still did not understand the concept.  I could tell by the way she interacted with me, and comments she made on my now changed behavior towards her.  Of course I will act differently when I start over.  Things from the past are no longer counting for or, more importantly, against that person.

A Beautiful Movie

     Well, we went to see A Beautiful Mind.  We were just slightly late, but I think we missed more commercial than anything.  This movie is absolutely wonderful.  It is without a doubt the best movie of the decade and do not see anything topping it any time soon.  Do I like it more than The Wall?  Did I just think that out loud?  I related a few things about our hero, Dr Nash in how he solved things.  I saw me in him.  In some ways that go beyond human understanding.  Glad you are not human, JOHD.  However, I opt not to write a movie review at this time.  I wish to see the entire movie, from start to finish, just so I can take everything I already know and put it into better prospective.

Dr Tetris

     [EVENTS sun 1-27] Well, I had to put seeing the laser show on hold since I had made this arrangement to spend time with Mair.  Alex took us back to her place.  Before we made it there, we talked a little bit.  I asked what she thought about the movie and she said how she related to Mrs Nash.  I found that rather odd the way she talked about it as if Dr Nash had no issues and Alicia was the one with all the problems.  Is it a gender-related thing, maybe, to relate in such a way?  I mean, Nash was the one who even realized his condition.  He knew it and it was as if there was nothing he could do.  Maybe I am just relating more to Dr Nash than I thought.  Also, the conversation ended on a rather sour note.  A lot of "never mind" and "nothing".  I am starting to wonder if people who do that bother me more than people who lie.  Well, we got back there and she worked on food, and we played Next Tetris.  I ranked her down... a bit.  Of course, that happens when one plays against the master.  The chicken food stuff was good, as were the broc and potatoes.  However, the time and food caught up to me, and soon I found myself half passed out on her floor.  It was time to head back home so that I could sleep on the bed couch of death.

More Chatting for All

     Ah, such glorious sleep I get out there!  Well, I got on the computer and chatted with Mair.  This is referenced as MA22.  I also got to talk to Starr and that is referenced as ST195.  This is where I learned of a few interesting things, such as the fact Corka thought it rude I did not pay money.  I did not pay money?  No one asked me to!  I am not a mind reader... yet.  You know, I see quite a bit of projection here.  I mean, it was in all honesty her who was being rude.  Talking in whispers when another party is around, and her general aura.  It was just not a very positive one.  However, I shall not let it concern me to much.  I will just calculate the points accordingly.  Also chatted with dITZ.  This is referenced as di111.  Tina would get a nice chat session with Madd also referenced as MR27.  Eating with dITZ is getting to be routine for Sundays.  I think I enjoy it that way.  I find it rather... interesting, to say the least, that the holy day of Sunday (or so it has become known to humans) that is shared with Myles is now starting to be shared with dITZ.  Will it become a permanent thing?  Once again, time will tell.  Well, this time it was an order of LJS.  So LJS it would be, and Alex would be more than happy to take the MoM to get it.


     Well, I got there, and I ate.  I chatted with dITZ.  She played with her tummy, demonstrating its ability to be larger than mine, and talked about this and that.  It was fun.  Well, it was short lived.  I headed to my place to pick some things up and then went over to Myles.  I got to tape X-Files while Myles taped some other show.  You know, it is like I am going over there more and seeing Myles less.  Hmm... most interesting observation young one.  Riede called me and I gave him directions to the place.  I also had been drinking Smirnoff Ice.  Well, X-Files was good, I enjoyed it.  I think watching people skinned alive and skinned people walking around is rather different.  Unfortunate news, however, next Sunday is superbowl.  That means no X-Files.  Ah nutbunnies!!

Found that Missing Link

     Riede showed up, and we went to Blockbuster to rent some games or something.  Since there was nothing there, I decided might as well buy a X-Cube.  I work in strange ways some time.  So, we went to our Wal-Mart to pick up his discount card and grab a game, however, they did not have the system or any games.  So, we decided to head to the South Side store.  I picked up a X-Cube, extra controller, memory card, and of course, SUPER SMASH BROTHERS MELEE!! (SSBM)  WhooHoo!!  It is mine, now!  Happy happy Madd Madd.  Well, we went to Myles place to get me to Alex.  In accordance with new Alex and drinking rules, I was in the clear since enough time had passed by in conjunction to what I was drinking and how much.  This is good, these rules should not be compromised... ever.

Super No Sleep Brothers

     Well, Riede made a strange drink.  He has no name for it, but when I looked at it, I was reminded of a large thing of liquid with turds floating in it.  Oh well.  So, we started to play SSBM.  [EVENTS mon 1-28] Well, we played until Riede passed out in the middle of playing.  Then I kept playing afterwards.  I ended up unlocking, in total, two levels and two characters.  What is UP with that stupid Jigglypuff?  Can't they find someone better to use?  Blah.  I ended up playing until 8 in the morning or so!  Yeah, I so saw that coming.  I so love this game.  It is, by far, the best multiplayer game I have ever seen on a council system.  I think it better than Halo.  I would rank SSBM, followed by Halo, followed by Timesplitters.  I curled up on the couch since Riede was already passed out on the other side.  So, around 4 hours later, the computer wakes me up, and what do I do?  Play SSBM with Riede before work.  No shower for Madd.  Oh yeah, I think I should clarify something.  X-Cube is a combo of X-Box and Gamecube.  I call it X-Cube because I always mean to say one, but I say the other.  So how do I tell them apart?  Easy, the games or reference to the X or Cube.  It is just that simple.

Quite Work

     So, work went... well... I am not sure, I ran out of energy quite a few times.  Other than that, work was fine.  I ran to QT for food.  Also, I had problems removing Castle Hyrule music from my mind.  I would even start singing to myself from time to time.  I can tell this is going to haunt me for a while.  I know... I can... control it.  So, after work, I came home and... oh yeah, SSBM, baby!!  [EVENTS tue 1-29] Well, I played for a while, and actually went to bed at a fairly reasonable time.

Gone as Fast as There

     I woke before my alarm.  I think my very strange dream had something to do with it, however, before I knew it, I did not remember what it was about.  Not a clue.  I ended up chatting with Mair.  It is referenced as MA23.  Also, I got an e-mail from dITZ.  It is rather... different.  It deals with something I said to her about me doing something to ever surprise her.  I can do unexpected things but not surprise her.  Well, as we were eating Sunday I mentioned about showing up to her door and asking her to marry me.  I guess she had a bit to think about in regards to it.  This e-mail is referenced as Think01.  Hey, I got a shower in finally.  I don't smell like walking death.

Ice Climbers

     Well, it appears that Alex got his first ice-over.  He looks so nice, even in a coat of ice.  However, I had issues due to the change in weather.  I stepped on the curb and slide a few thousand microns.  I did not fall, luckily.  I made it to work no issues, but as I was walking on the sidewalk, well, I lost grip and took a drop.  Blah... stupid helicopter cement.  At least my hand and the earth broke my fall.  As I was making it up the stairs, Ang called me.  Wanted to know what I was doing for the weekend.  She might come up to visit.  As I was working, Starr called.  I knew my mailbox was full, so I called her back.  It was just Bud and myself near our corner of the woods.  It was actually nice, I enjoyed it just being him and I.  We chatted well, and I did not do much work.  I did enough that I was suppose to do.  Overall, work went rather well.  I played some Pocket SNK/SF.  Also, Bud got new chicken with herbs and stuff on it.  Not too bad, I guess.


     After work, I took Alex out for a spin around Des Moines.  Thoughts of how Corka had acted entered my brain a little bit, as did a few other miscellaneous things.  Of course, SSBM was there also.  I got home and turned on SSBM so that I would have some background music for us to listen to.  I think I made a good choice!  As for right now... I WANNA PLAY!!!!!!!!! Master of Maddness, signing off 0216a......

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