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Ball and chain

     I think I am in love with a video game.  Aye, that means I am well beyond having no life.  I some how trick the game into thinking I will be right back... it actually works, and it lets me go... however, I do come right back, so I guess there is not much to that now is there.  Mwahaha!!  DAMN THOSE JAPANESE!!  I finally got what they have had forever, and I only was able to get when I used the Item code for Game Genie.  I got my geniun FFIV smut book.  It is the most beautiful thing in the world, next to pSyChO cIrCuS dolls, and the pSyChO cIrCuS dancer in Mysteria who keeps turning me into a pig, even though I ditched my evil ways.  It was not easy either, that Dark command absolutely rocks.  Once again, a short entry.  Some people are starting to think someone took over my body or mind or something.  They are correct.  What is up with games having "development staff" rooms anyway?  I did want to hear him play his violin, damnit, WHY DOES HE ACT LIKE ALL THE HUMANS AND ASSUME FOR ME??  Oh dear, I think it found I had gotten loose.  My nekkid body is being pulled towards the bathroom, to which, it will fall victum to my baby.


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