Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Snow Way, Dude!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, JOHD.  How the heck are ya?  Ooohh!  Incoming messages.  Just humans... no alarm, nothing to see.  All that other stuff.  How are ya doing, JOHD?  Looking forward to our long chats?  I sure am.  JOHD... you have been such an unreal friend to me.  Look how I treat you, not telling you everything like I should be.  Let me tell you about this day.  Okay, I woke up, and even though I went to bed "early", I was slightly tired when the computer woke me.  I went to work, and it started off normal, then Fran called me, that rat bastard in 563.  For what reason did I give him my number?  Oh yeah, I am the best in customer service.  How could I forget that?  So, his issue was a nasty one.  Gave him a week of credit, mwahaha.  Humans are so damn easily amused, I tell ya.  Buddy was not at work... where in the hell is she?  The humans went into the "it was your birthday?" thing.  Oh please, I had plenty of witnesses to know it was my birthday on Sunday.  Whoa... phone ringing... it was Angry Human, thinking my pants was caller her again... singing... almost sounds like me, but nope, not this time.  Soooo... okay, the human doing the usual.  Work otherwise went well.  After work... um... I came home, right?  Yeah, right, and replied to a message I had on AIM that was sent to me in luie of a post made to the overclock remix site about getting the binary MP3 video game site... and he was very very helpful.  In fact, he help convince me to DL IRC, and I did, and I chatted, and a human with children called, and then MERV called!!  WhooHoo!!  He remembered me.  Sweet beaners.  So, I chat more, and get a newsgroup reader, and Mair is kind enough to give me her info, and I use it for ev... um... wonderful usernet purposes, and then I see things I have been waiting for, since MICROSOFT SUCKS FUCKING ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And after that, I go to Regal(Regel?) comics, and I buy the 18" Ash!!  GROOVY, BABY!!  THAT'S JUST WHAT WE CALL PILLOW TALK!  Oh yeah, my life is more close to complete.  So after that, his woman shows up, and then we go to Generations, but there is only 5 people there, not including the DJ, so we go to Papa's Planet, and there are humans there, and we get drinks, and the bartender says I cannot get two drinks, and I explain one is Sprite no alchie, and he sais only one drink, and I say it again, and he mentions cameras... who fricking cares?  If I ran business like that, I would be outta business.  So I almost poke Merv's woman when I point into the croud, because she is by me, and then I don't, and we all laugh, and Merv give me his evil cloves, and I puff, and I cannot feel my legs, and start to fade out, and then I get use to the poison, and then I drink more, and have about 8 Kama's, and we all leave, and Merv's woman gives me a hug and wants me to be safe, and I tell her no way, and I call 411, and Sprint connects me to Perkins, and I drive and talk, and get disc, and they have my food ready when I get there, and I listen to Numb on the way, and Madd is happy, and get gets home with chicken stripes, and the world is GOOD!!  THERE IS SNOW FALLING AT MY DOOR FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS WINTERISH!

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