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Here We Go!

     Okay, JOHD.  I have until the end of this month to catch you up... if I do not... then... I am giving $5 to everyone I can get in contact with who had ever repied to the entries here.  So, get your arse moving!!  I want this all caught up to December, and we are in September!
     On a sanier side of news, the Ozzie concert is today, and I am ready for it.  Sure, it is not Floyd, but who is?  Exactly... I have my Floyd shirt here for the concert.  Just want to make sure to eat and what have you.  Also, I started working on getting the web site back up and "running" right again.  I have made some progress, however, at the same time, by going forward with "technology, I get set back.  Most noticable will be Dr Madd.  The verification I had before was great, did exactly as I wanted, however, I do not have that now like I use to.
     I also have come to udnerstand, and appriciate, that when I get sleep, I get things done more often.  To this, it is important that I get more sleep more often.  I know, JOHD, when I would have to bed at 1000p to make that happen, it makes it difficult.  My body just does not agree with early bed, unless I liqour it up.
     Well, I should get ready to go or something.  Catch you later soon, JOHD.

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