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I am Tired - JOHD

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Nov 20th, 2001

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23:48 - I am Tired
These hours suck nuggets...

[[2 comments | Train your Brain]]


Date:Nov 20th, 2001 22:15 (UTC)


So, I tried to get some nice Lunar music going for ya so you could sleep easier, but unfortunately I signed off and on so many times, that I got suspended from AOL for a bit.. pretty cool, huh? Hope you enjoy it! :-)
[User Picture]
Date:Nov 21st, 2001 04:35 (UTC)

Re: Lunar

Yes, I saw your attempts to log on and off a lot, possiblily the most you have ever done, and would you not know it that A) the sound alert for you was not set from the format and B) since i was sleeping I had the sounds turned off. Nut bunnies... maybe next time.

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