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We Have Liftoff!!

I HAVE DSL BACK!! I HAVE DSL BACK!! I HAVE DSL BACK!! I HAVE DSL BACK!! I HAVE DSL BACK!! I HAVE DSL BACK!! I HAVE DSL BACK!! I HAVE DSL BACK!! I HAVE DSL BACK!! I HAVE DSL BACK!! JOHD!!  I finally got someone with brains at MSN!  I finally have access back to the net!!  Whoohoo!!  Look at me now, zvroooooooommm!!  hEhEhEHehehehEheehEhE!!  DAMNIT!! I AM SO INSANELY HAPPY!!  This is exactly how I shall be doing my job, just like Jason, who I spoke to for almost 45 minutes.  He threw the book out the window.  They are scripted to not want to touch an internal Cisco 607 modem, since someone might open up their computer and mess it up.  He threw that out the window.  I so gave him a commindation, he so deserved it, I AM SO DAMN HAPPY I NEVER REALIZED HOW MUCH I MISSED MY NET CONNECTION.  You know, I had grown concern that a lot of people were going to be lost.  Friends gone forever due to not hearing from me.  I never wanted it to happen, but there was little I could do.  Jason helped restore my life.  He helps me get back on my feet.  Whoohoo!!  Now comes all the installs.  So happy, click music please!! {click} Ahhhhhhh... yeah baby, yeah!

For everyone I have not talked to in a while, I wanted you to know that JOHD & web page updates, Sims, cleaning, and everything is going to be POSTPONED so that I can catch up chatting with you all.  If you know someone who would find this information useful but they may not read this, let them know.

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