Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Ready for Some Nice Dreams

     Captain's log.  I am tired... so tired... I can't believe my own brain cell attacked me.  Maybe, if I occupy his mind with more duties, I can control his... sPaCe MaDdNeSs...

     Darn it.  My DSL modem should have been here by now.  JOHD, I am halucinating, it is rather... interesting.  I just saw Myles' fan move across the room.  I think any traces of caffine in my system are well gone.  I think this should reset my body clock to this horrid temp working times that have been forced upon me.  Of course, everything boils down to two choices.  Just two, everyone has just two choices.  I choose to wake up, or to sleep in more.  I choose to go to work, or not go to work.

     Every now and then, I think that there is a slight possibility I do not miss the fact I have no stable connection to the net.  A mere 10 hours a month on a 28.8 connection.  Then wonderful people come along and converse with you, JOHD.  What makes females get all the attention?  Crash time... {poof}


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