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Doornail - JOHD

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Nov 3rd, 2001

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18:44 - Doornail
     It happened, JOHD... it is gone.  Dead... the computer, in attempts to install a 1394 card to allow for the hard drive... well... the computer has stopped responding to me.  It is dead.  It is gone, and I did everything in my power to restore it, and it did not work.  From my analysis, it appears that power supply has died completely.  This is the cheapest repair I can do to the computer, and of course, will result in no data loss.  However, this all started when I installed the 1394 card.  So I could have shorted something out.  If I shorted something, then who knows what is wrong.  I am taking it to D.I.T. and going to have them look at it.  I may take it tomorrow, if they are open.  Otherwise, Sunday, but I do not think they are open on Sunday.  If that is the case, it may be Monday, after my new work, until I can figure out what is even wrong with it, let alone getting it fixed.

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