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Game On Mr Wanka

"I want to set the record straight: I thought the cop was a prostitute."

Madd's Log, Maddate 011025.48 1210p:
     Ah... I feel... decent this day, even though, I think some sort of illness is attempting to overtake me.  JOHD, it is one of those things that most people never pay attention to.  Of these people who do not pay attention, some may never get sick, and some may get sick.  Grr... this computer is so going beyond the realms of aggrivating me.  But no matter.  I shall not let that bother me.  The show should go on.

New York: Day Six

     [EVENTS thu 9/6] New York, New York... the city that never sleeps... then why are all these shops closed, man??  NY shopping advice #1: If you wish to shop, do so some time well after 1000a.  Since NY Friend was at work, I decided this day to do some exploring.  I ran into... um... well... a few interesting people.  My personal flavorite would have been the Chinese man who appeared to be swimming on land.  Oh wow, was that beyond funny.  hEhEhE!!  A plethura of humor has now overcome me just thinking about him.  I wonder which movie I put him in?  Some day I will find it.  Since I had some time before I could enter shops, I decided to trek across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was about a 25 - 30 minute walk on way.  I got a lot of decent pictures, including the picture referenced on October 5th, 2001, "Madd Starts to Win" of the World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, and some movies of me just walking or what have you.

The New Work Experience

     So, after that, I decided to go to a shop here and there.  I also wanted to walk down town.  While doing so, I would never be able to get exactly where I wanted to go.  But that was okay, because it would lead me to new and different places.  One of the places it landed me was a book shop.  Seeing as how almost every book I have read was stating, "Printed in NY, NY" and what have you, I thought I would take a gander inside.  It was rather large for a so called small book shop.  I headed straight to the psychology section, however, most of what was there did not have too much interesting reading.  I did spend a decent amount of time in the shop, however.  Also, I stopped at a store that caught my eye due to the number of rock shirts that I saw.  My hopes were rewarded with a Pink Floyd shirt in the likes I had not seen before, so I melted $18 into the plastic, and moved on.  I kept walking, noticing a few "familiar" spots.  I ended up wondering towards the World Trade Center.  I wanted to know what in the world this building was, so I went inside.  A mall?  This place is a mall?  It was difficult to tell.  There were more signs all over in this building about Trade Center 1 or 6 or 3 than there are signs on the freeway.  I was not understanding what this all meant.  I would get a call from NY Friend.  It appeared she got out of work early, and was going to meet me, and I told her where I was, so we decided to meet at the World Trade Center.  I was not expecting to be able to find her work ever again.  That is what I was attempting to do in the first place, but ended up here instead.  I waited outside of what appeared to be the World Trade Center 5.  There was a music shop of some sort there.  I remember the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back poster-type thing in the window.  Also, by the time NY Friend had gotten there, I do believe she explained to me a little more about these buildings.  She finally found me, and... hmm... well... darn my brain.  While this is the ending event of this day, JOHD, know there was more to it than that.

New York: Day Seven

     [EVENTS fri 9/7] While the name escapes me, she took me to this crazy toy infested place.  Those crazy informercials you see about the magic paint sets and what have you not sold in stores?  Well, they are here.  From what she told me, this was the store(s) that were in the movie "Big" [ ].  There were a lot of different types of places, and from the looks of it, they were adding a few more.  The better part of this journey was when we hit the land of Star Wars.  Wow... while I am not a Star Wars junkie like NY Friend or Chaffin, I did like a lot of what I saw.  They had more than just Star Wars also, however, the main dominate theme was SW.  There were Alice Cooper, Spawn, Simpsons, and tons more.  I do have to say, however, that the full "electonics" effect of this entire place was not what one might expect, or at least, not what I expected.  The Wanka place, however, was very huge, in both quantity AND price.  We stocked up on around $30 or so in candy, enough to make the Tooth Fairy drool.  Any parent would be well adviced to never take small children past this area.

Riding in Buggies with Horses

     From this place we went on to take a little horse buggy ride.  Our horse driver was most excellent.  He had an definate Australian accent, and told a few stories of himself.  I was able to get quite a few movies from this ride.  From there, we made our way to the park.  I passed out... man... NY really wears me out... or maybe it was NY Friend, hehehe.  Well, we both regained conscious thought in time to head to the subway for the big game.  New York Yankees vs the Boston Red Sox.  Interesting information I would learn here; the Yanks and Red Sox are said to be the most hated of enemies towards each other.  This was shown, with NO doubt, while the game went on.  The chants and rants going on were brutal.  It is the kind of thing one might expect from the roudiest town in the USA.  The croud got a few bits of excitement also as throughout the game, two people ended up jumping onto the field.  The first guy actually made it to third base before being tackled on the ground by many people as if it was pro football.  The second guy was not so intent on rounding the bases as to giving the croud something to go crazy about, and of course, end up with a free ticket to jail.  Unfortunately, at this time, my camera would cease to function for reasons unknown.  I was recording the ground crew doing a most wonderful rendition of YMCA, and before it could finish writing to disk, the camera just failed.  Stupid technology.  None of the usual tricks worked either.  At least I was able to get some movie shots of my very first MLB game.

Station Break

     Well, it was nice that OT was released to 0300p, however, it is getting to a point where I would like something to eat, and would like to pay my electric bill.  So on that note, JOHD, keep the mind warm for me.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0154p......

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