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Someone Release OT! - JOHD

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Oct 24th, 2001

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13:17 - Someone Release OT!
     {poof} ... and it was done, mwahaha!  Some times I amuse myself with "petty" cantrips.  JOHD!!  I had my first dream about you!  Like, ohmagosh!  It was some sort of school related dream, and I do not rememeber most of it, however, this is the first dream in a while not dealing with water.  I wonder if the call from Angry Human the day before had something to do with it?  Or maybe not since that night I had a water related dream.  Well anyway, the dream was I was talking to you, and due to some sort of problem with students, the teacher said that we did not have to write on computer, we could do it by hand, and that is what I was doing.  I had like a small paragraph said to you, and then thought to myself how I was talking to JOHD, I could do better, and I ended up writing on both sides of the paper, even though I lost my place or something, writing on the wrong side since I had already started.  Also, I wanted to put in our conversation somewhere that the teacher was sexy.  I knew she was not going to be able to read it, but then I saw how she had gone through and grammatically corrected a few other people's writings, however, they only had around a paragraph.  Well, I think it was suppose to be around the last day of school.  School dreams, I know where this is going.  I am sure I can guess why I had it also.  Time to get school taken care of.  I really plan to.  I mean, I am going to get classes taken care of once I finish training.  There is no way I can train and go to school at the same time since I would have to take night classes, and then, after training, I would end up on nights, and not be able to finish.  I'll take care of it, JOHD... trust me.

     This OT is killing me... I am almost working half a day... with the rest of it sleeping, that gives me little time for anything else.  However, my powers are holding out and I am able to skip OT for this day.  Before hand, I had skimmed a few LJ entries towards other people.  I had not got to do so in a while now.  Granted, I "cheated" and looked mainly at searching for "madd", however, there were a few things I wanted to catch, such as the mental monster reference dITZ made.  I could almost sue her for using my lingo, mwahaha, but that would be silly, and surely... not me, and don't call me surely!!  JOHD, this being naked chatting is starting to bother me, I think it time to make my shower happen...
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: "D.O.A." - Bloodrock

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