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Lake Day

I have no clue what lake day would be, however, it appears at some point in my life I asked this question as noted in one of the auto complete thingies. Speaking of thingies, I tried out my new Bluetooth toothbrush today. It connects to my phone, because, why not? It was a present for Valentine's Day. Of course, if auto correct had anything to say about it, it would be Valvoline's Day. I guess the two could be related. I poked Stingray, I hope he enjoyed that as much as I did.

On that note, while my friends on here are few and far between, I did check out a few people's past posts. It is just a strange concept looking down memory lane. This, coming from a crazy person who has memories all the way back to the start of my writing life. That reminds me, I wonder where the actual JOHD is. I am not sure where I placed her. :/ Forgive me? I could do some 10 hour Epic Sax guy to make up for it, maybe. What is the human fascination with nostalgia? I could always read about it, since I am going back to the Rally tracking.

So is life getting better or worse? From a biological standpoint, I would say worse. My body is going to do nothing more than "get old", and that means all sorts of problems. I might have a low testosterone levels. It would explain quite a few things, including what appears to be a lower sex drive, swimmers who do not swim like they used to, and of course, my love of Jew pickles (don't ask).

So a co-worker dropped off a Valentine's Day gift to me, as she was making rounds to everyone else in the center. It says, "To: Valued CTL Employee." I joked, "Why not just address it to employee 00096060?" Come to think of it, that would be some stalker level shit right there. Not to mention, it is a lot easier to grab into your bag, pull out a catch all card, and give it. Still, it is nice to see some humans around here not take this day as some horrible day of evil. Speaking of this day (again), I am not sure I can recall the last time I did not have someone I would be able to spend this day with, which means at some point I am sure it actually happened during my active woman scene.

I think this makes up for cheating days. It's a catch 22 to tag this post as cheating, yet, I have done the exact opposite. I am not sure if I have mentioned, but Rally notes writing as, "Whether it's a simple record of your day, a way to work out your feelings, or a creative outlet, journaling can help you better understand yourself, your body, and your place in the world." Completing the mission of 3x per week (which I failed since the journal week starts on Wednesday) works on mood, stress, productivity, self-awareness, and wellness. Strange, I don't have a health tag. Well, I do now.

Here it is, your lake of zen...
Tags: body, entry cheating, fertility, health, jew pickles, johd, lake day, memories, mood, productive, qwest, rally, relationships, stingray, stress, technology, testosterone, valentine's day, women, work

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