Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Power Vertical Acceleration

Yes, I left without my headset, and my power pack, and something else I forgot. Yes, on the way to work from the car I dropped my power cord and had to search for it, however, it is a good day. I feel exceptionally well, and focused. I do not always feel focused (well, now, obviously not earlier, so point verified).

I got a new phone Saturday. Tetran had been having fits, not registering proper battery, shutting off randomly, and other strange problems that I cannot even begin to understand, despite 30+ years of computer background. Keeping in spirit of the Gradius series, her name is Anoa. She is a Galaxy Note 5 (Tetran was a Galaxy S4). I will see how long before I lose the stylus. Oh, I have to write tomorrow also in order to hit my mission goal (Rally) of 3 entries per week (the start of my missions was Tuesday, and I obviously missed a few days). I also noted I am using a lot of parenthesizes (as if I am maybe talking to myself). That's cool also.

Oh, fun little adventure in Ark on Sunday. I was on a PvP server, and three guys jumped my character, feed her tons of "sleepy berries" and then dragged me back to their camp. I managed to wake up in time to impale myself into the wood fence before they could Cosby me again. Needless to say... someone is going to feel the revenge flow.

Here it is, your moment of Cosby...
Tags: anoa, ark, cosby, gradius, phone, productive, rally

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