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I've Not Seen Such Dodecahedron!

All things considered, I still feel rather well. You know I have not really said much of my job, only mentioning it in hindsight. It takes two of the things I really enjoy, and could have a job about, and puts them together. The only way my job would be ultimate would involve me doing something with a gaming developer. So, I will stick with Reality and go from there.

I am a teacher. I am in technical support. When I first started working for USWest I was simply answering the phones for POTS trouble. I incorporated my computer skills into my day to day life. Managers having printer issues, or agents having similar, would come to me and I would hook them up. So with my skillz out there on the field, an opportunity would arise where I could be a trainer. I could take these 30+ years of service an apply it to something.

When I started college I was not sure what I wanted to do as a career. I mean, teaching would have been awesome, yet there were thoughts about the pay, and I was not sure how to apply anything to make this work. So being told I would be a trainer, and thus teach people how to do a job, well, that went right up my ally. I have had a lot of fun at this job function. I do not teach like normal people, however, and pull this from the few teachers I have had who have inspired me through my years. In fact, my love of psychology derives from my psych 101 teacher. Had I not had him, I most likely would have never thought to take psychology as a field of study. Seeing how I already have a 'Jim Hanson' tag, I most likely talked about him eons ago. Still, the man deserves his props. Same goes for Dr Evans (a tag I seem to have wrong).

I guess this is the reason I write down what I write. It reminds me when I talked about Life Force, and I saw that the post I made was almost identical to another post I had done years prior. Ah how the mind works. Well, at any rate, I enjoy my job, even if there is bullshit that gets thrown into it from time to time. My current boss, Connie, is one of the greatest bosses I have ever had. She is an awesome boss for a similar reason I would want to be with someone, which is she let's me be me. Any sort of relationship I am no longer in almost breaks down to, "Madd, stop being you," happening one too many times. True, not all of them, but, a lot of them. Well, my boss does that. She lets me work my classes the way I want to, with only the most bare structure required being followed. Plus, she thinks like I do in many cases. If I pull billions of hours, and want to take a little extra time to go grab my kid if all my work is done, then it is allowed. I may not get paid for the 50 hour work week I will sometimes pull. I will, however, get to take an hour to go grab my kid. If you work 50 hours during the week, you can have an hour here or there. That's Madd logic. It should be normal logic, however, not all think that way.

Here it is, your moment of treasure...
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