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Ask Not What Your Country Can Dew For You

Narg!! I am, wore out. I decided to remove Mt Dew from my diet, and by diet I obviously mean 52oz a day for five days a week is doing to make me die. If memory serves me well, which it rarely does, this will be the second time I have removed it from my routine. If there is one thing I know about caffeine, it is, well, a few things.

I use to think that my body naturally produces it. When I intake a lot, it means my body goes "oh look, where did all this caffeine come from? I guess you don’t need me to make it for you anymore.” I am not sure where I got that information, however, everywhere I check seems to debunk this. The FDA states more than 4 cups of coffee each day is too much. My research on the subject (today) shows me that caffeine can be helpful for the body. In fact, it can help fight Parkinson’s and certain forms of cancer. Seeing how cancer has a hard on for my family, it may be time for me to pick up coffee drinking. The only problem I see with that is that I don’t want to make coffee at home since I would not drink that much. Oh yeah, and there is that whole not liking the taste of it at all thing going on as well.

So moderate consumption a day is suggested, which translates to about 100-200 mg a day. Mt Dew has 55 mg per 12 oz, and my cups go to 52 oz meaning I take in 238 mg a day when I have one of my “golden green tall boys”. Coffee is 60-150 mp per 5 oz, while Dr Pepper is 61 mg per 12 oz. Wait, what? Dr Pepper has more caffeine than Dew? TIME TO HIT QT!! :D

Well, this also goes to show how I can think I am right about something, as I was sure your body made caffeine, yet I am wrong. There's a tag for that, right?
Tags: caffeine, madd was wrong, mt dew

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