Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

It's in My Other Pants

Soo... yes, I know, been a while, and I generally say that, and then go for a few, and then disappear. Welcome to the wonderful world of me. It is not so wonderful, actually, but oh well, that is how it rolls around here. Dear flipping, so many things, so little time and even less memory.

Jarin lost a tooth. Like, in more than one way he lost a tooth. His tooth came out the day before my anniversary. That makes me wonder, did you even know I was dating someone JOHD? Where in the world did we last leave off? Hmm... I better go check. Please hold, listening to this awesome music, while I find out... let's see, working on web site, cleaning garage... financial disaster... and a shitload of Twitter things. So yes, Jarin lost his tooth, and then he claims he left it on his desk or something. He most likely is lying through his ass, he seems to do that a lot more now than he use to. I have failed as a parent. It does not matter if I rarely get to see him, because that also is a failure of me, however, I think I have beat up myself quite well to you about that.

My job, well, there is definitely uncertainty with it. I didn't tell you that I got a temporary promotion. I was actually welcomed to the ranks of management. Yes! That is right, the place was run by Maddness™. Hahaha!! It was actually a shot I was selected. I only say that due to how management and myself have clashed in the past. I have this thing about people taking responsibility for their actions. As a lowly monkey answering a phone and flipping buttons, I had plenty of things to be help accountable for, yet I did not see it to the people over me. Well, I got to be one of those people. It was publicly announced on Maddate 120730.18 @ 15:27. I was, obviously, shocked. I mean I also had at least one other person I thought who could do the job better than I could have done the job. So, it was good times. At one point I took the assessment to make it permanent (I still cannot spell this word, and I still mutilate it to the point that spell check cannot find the right word). I either do not have the ability to seat an upper management staff on a table shaped like an octagon within three minutes, or, my inability to be consistent got the best of me. The thing with asking me "which of these two best is you" a whole set of times, with you repeating answers in a different way, is not that I am faking your answer as much as the way you word something changes it completely to me, thus making something else more or less important. That is how my brain works. Deal with it? Oh yeah, I guess you really don't have to do that, do you.

Permanent, permanent, permanent, permanent, permanet (hey don't auto correct that, I am practicing), permanent, permanent, permanent, permanent, permanent... okay, I think I have it for the next five minutes.

I did a little work in the basement, and I saw an old paper version of you! Dear word, JOHD, I really think I did not like my steps. I said some of the most unusual things for me. It is interesting how absolute hatred came about from me, then disappear for a little over a decade, and then I get it back. Also ran across a laptop, about the same size as my desktop, the background screen is adjusted with a slider, running win95, and taking about 8 minutes to boot up. Memories! Oh yeah, dead mice also.

I don't remember anything terribly horrific to report regarding my ex. As memory (doesn't) serve, nothing special going on there, and no need to put money aside for a hitman, even though as I am informed direct from the source, "don't think I haven't thought about and played out the scenario in my head MANY times...". Well, touché as I told her, I have more than done the same on my end also. Tit for tat. I actually talked to my boss about my ex. It was an analogy used for "no matter how one human being is in any relationship, no single one person can be held accountable for everything." Oh yeah, that reminds me, two people who use to be my friends no longer really are due to that. I have decided to take a stand for myself since I use to always take it in the rear without consideration to my own well being. Unfortunately, some people will find, that the timing to me doing this does not coincide with the extravagant timing of pending life perils with their Reality. Fucking sucks to be them, eh? My life I have been a punching bag, and at some point, a little too late, I decided to say to hell with that. I deserve happiness just as much as the next person.

So, anyway, moving on. Oh, my desk is relocated, permanently. I SPELLED IT CORRECTLY, FIRST TRY! It was over five minutes, also, sweet flipping beans. Anyway, there is a lot more I guess I have to write. I more than know I cannot sum up my girlfriend in just an entry. I know she deserves well beyond that. She persona certainly includes something different than I have interacted with before, and for the most part, that is a blessing. I hope I remember how to write more...
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