Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

... and Don't Call Me Surely

Well, slowly and uncertainly, I am working on my website again. It seems like most things in my life, where I start to work on it, get it going in a great direction, then something in my brain shuts off and I end up dropping it or putting it on some form of indefinite hold. My website should not really be that important. As I type, I realize that the information is going to go to “those other popular sites”, so, why bother spending… um… $170 bi yearly, or whatever it is I am paying (Madd, $7.77 a month for two years is $186.48… you are welcome). I think writing is the absolute best example of this problem, or maybe brushing my teeth… no wait, praying to God, yeah, you don’t do that every day, and I am certain you get a little bad karma here and there for that. Oh, not that you don’t deserve it or anything.

So, happiness comes when I work on my site. Maybe it is me being productive. Maybe it is me doing something productive on something that means to little now. I can do a lot of things, however, my site really does not have a lot of the cool happiness that major sites can offer. When CrapSpace was around, I had the noble ability to claim, “I am not that crappy site”. I also still have the ability to claim that, there are no ads on my site. At least, for the most part. Every now and then, I have a game, or a tool bar, or whatever that comes with an ad here or there, however, I am not putting the ads on their directly. I even have an AdSense account with Google. I am not sure the reason for that, as I do not ever plan to use it.

I use to have games, however after the last issue with my forums, I found out the mod I was using was no longer being used. Yes, I still have all the scores and all the database information, and I even have the games still hanging around there. However, I do not have the forum integration files required to make them all work. I think I can get them back, yet again it brings it to why come to Madd’s World to play simple flash games when you can play with all your 200+ friends on that other site? What was it called, Sausage Link? Oh no wait, that is another conversation about 15+ years ago, sorry for the confusion.

So, the house. Falling apart still, yes. The drain issue is fixed, and if it ever comes back, thanks to my brilliant father, I will know how to correct it. Heater was replaced, as I am not sure I ever told you this. The windows are still FAQed up. As it is not winter, that should not be as big of a problem. However, the fact I currently have no AC would be an issue, especially if summer gets back for the lack of winter. Speaking of heater, the water heater (also known as the hot water heater to most people, not that I would ever buy a device to heat water that is already hot, even though I could maybe see a warm water heater) is acting up. The gas company came out and verified that gas is flowing naturally to the home. Father will most likely be getting me an early birthday/Christmas present by paying for the AC and water heater. That would be fantastic. It was nice that yesterday marked the first time in a while my cash was above my debt (by like $30). This, of course, was before the $2051 I paid in property tax today. So back into the negative I go.

Holy crap! The world will not believe it, however I started working on my garage yesterday. It is only the one side, however, seeing as it has been over four plus years, I would say that is saying something. I put the things back to the side of the garage, but was able to throw quite a few things out, and of course, sweep and cleaned all the dirt and crap that was sitting there. I also was able to clear off a lot of the spider webs hanging on the sides. So, really, slowly but surely, I am getting there…

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