Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Look, Goo!

Okay, I do not think that Twitter and tweetwhatever and LJ like that when I post to twitter it posts to LJ which in turn posts to twitter which... now I've gone cross-eyed.

So my hard work has paid off. I was number 4 on the WFH list. I was actually number 1 originally with another stat they used, however they went and had to remove that stat for this time around. That makes it very promising for the future, however.

I feel a better today. I still have some issues to work through and the like. I can only take one thing at a time. Right now I am more looking forward to spending time with my Boogers™ tomorrow. As he does not school on Friday, I get to have him a day earlier. It is unfortunate about the weather, I was looking forward to doing things outside with him. I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me… oh wait, yes it can, never mind.

Today was suppose to be the first official snow drop of the season here, however it did not happen. I have gas, I think it is because I ate Mexican. I do not remember her name, however, my girlfriend was there at the time, so it technically is not cheating. Talking about taking eatin’ ain’t cheatin’ to a new level.

I still want to write my book. I was thinking “book” since I was going through my wishlist for the upcoming birthday/Christmas dates. Myles wanted me to make sure that everything was up to date, and from what I see, I have nothing on there that I already have and would not want any more on there. I keep attempting to put down red-headed 19 year old of a specific size, however Amazon keeps telling me that I have to enter some special code. I don’t know what that means, maybe my girlfriend knows. Notice I say girlfriend. I make it known. It is not like some hot red-head is going to read my post and attempt to hook up with me. Hmm… foreshadowing…

I think I am going to end up missing The Thing in theaters, which is too bad, as I really did want to see how great it truly will turn out. However I will have Jarin this weekend, and I have otherwise been busy. It is a movie that I know Nina will not be able to watch. Her ability to peacefully watch horror shows does not exist. One time while watching Naked Lunch in a preview window while looking for other channels, she saw the part where a thing was attached to the back of a guy’s head, and she started to freak out. I was laughing because I was attempting to change the channel and it was not working since I appear to have fat fingers and was pushing the wrong button, so the menu thing was still there. You cannot change the channel in the preview while you have the menu open. At the same time it was a bit tragic as she was freaking out. Last time I saw that... well... let’s just say I have been picking some women with interesting traits like that.

Speaking of women, and picking, and the like, I want to point out I love my girlfriend. It will be interesting to see how life is with me at home and my girl there also, assuming she is not darting off to wherever. We will most likely have more home cooked meals as my ability to keep up all bills including restaurant visits is coming to an end. Pink Floyd is not a space rock band. My word I want to just slap people sometimes. Actually, I want to slap them a lot, just because it’s a fun thing to do. I really am pissed off at technology. I was attempting to have a FFXI moment last night, and it was disrupted thanks to Konami freezing up on me, yet again, for the millionth time. I am sure by the time I get home it will be frozen, once again. I am thinking of finding a SSD for it, and hoping that it helps out. Stupid dog.
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