Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Chicken Poop

Today is a busy day at work. It is nice that everything is breaking down (exaggeration) in that it helps keep my mind in check. For reasons of which I am not fully aware of and just not fully done processing, I am nowhere close to the happy place that I was certainly in yesterday. At least I am happy in my ability to keep up yet another entry, and also a bit happy on a possible prospect for December.

One thing I am not happy about is my financial situation. I know, I know, my status is way better than many of my friends and family. I have always felt that God has taken care of me when it comes to money. Despite how much money I have lost, and money I most likely will not see until certain people die (the key word here is plural, not singular), I manage to live a rather decent life. God has blessed me with this ability. God has also blessed me with a father who knows how to manage money like no one I personally know. This trait has been passed down to me, thankfully, even though my young late teen early twenty span saw me in credit card debt. My very generous job has also helped. I put a lot of money away in my retirement per check, and I invest in my company, and I have since I was able to. Even when I worked at Wal-Madd, I put money away for my employee stock plan. Things could be worse, and I could end up having to sell my car and moving into an apartment, and no ability to feed myself. I am not there, because as noted, God takes care of me. I can think of times when He would have strange amounts of money hit my way. I say strange since I never would have expected the money to hit me.

Well, I started using a program not too long ago on my phone called Mint. It is great as it is free. That is usually a plus. It is also nice in that they have a website, and this website allows me to track all of my money and investments. Unfortunately it shows me that my current credit to cash is… well, the wrong way for the first time in like ten years. The other thing is it shows me my budget, in terms of how I spend my money. I can take the fact I have to pay $2k taxes bi-yearly, so it calculates how much per month I would have to set back, as well as how much for my car payments, mortgage, etc. It is like when I use to use Quicken. For the first time in a long time, I have recently been following my finances very close. It gives me a sense of pride that I am able to keep on top of it, just as the pride I feel from JOHD entries. Just like my late abilities of cleaning up better after myself (and my beautiful girlfriend, who sent me a TXT the second I wrote her name on here, lol, talk about creepy). I have found that when my place is clean I am more apt to keep it clean, as opposed to it being dirty to the point it just gets worse or stays bad.

There is something about routine. When I find a routine I am really great at it. I maintain it so well. When that routine is broken, well, it throws me all to heck and back. I miss my hat. I think it is time to tie my hair back. They ask me why, I’m just a hairy guy. You know shaving is the same way. I shaved a lot better when I had my shaver fully functional, including the cleaning cycle, however I ran out of cleaning stuff for it, and no where local appears to sell it. While it was a great gift my father got me, I should have looked for and bought a butt load of cleaning stuff for it so I would just have it.

I miss my kid. I look forward to summer, when I WFH, and can be around him during lunch and breaks. I look forward playing with him before work. I really miss him. I am not sure if that was the reason I was getting a bit teary eyed earlier (and a little now) or if it is just a lot of things. I want to say it is a lot of things. It almost always is multiple things that get me upset/emotionally unbalanced. I could use a good beer and some good company.
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