Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

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Madd's Log, Maddate 110624.52 (yep, 2)

Um, it's a movie quote. I am prone to do that. Today I want to talk about the boring subject of... boredom.

I was accused of doing something at work due to me being bored. Wait, accuse could be a rather harsh word. I was told today, at work, that my more opinionated self than usual at work might due to me simply being bored.

Also, I get a lot of people who tell me, "well if you get bored, txt/call me." I know it is just a saying, however anyone who knows me realizes that I take things a bit to the literal extreme at times. Luckily I do not take this one that way, for if I did, I would never communicate with these people at all.

Boredom is something that is foreign to me. My brain was wired with the ability to not be bored, and at some point around age 21, I tapped into this potential, and have not been bored since. I think an important aspect of boredom is the same thing in anything: definition.

Definition is an important aspect to anything in terms of social interaction. If I interact with you and define a concept one way, and you find that way offensive even though your definition is what I actually mean, then it will cause tension, to say the least. If you define something a specific way, and then lay it on me, I could take it wrong and act up defensively on that. So if you look boredom up in the dictionary, you get the worthless act of it being defined with the word itself. "the state of being bored". Wow, really? No fucking shit. Since if I am looking the word up, it should be given that I do not know what the base of the word means. Okay, fine, so look that up. Well, you get about everything except what you are looking for. No, not to drill a hole. No, not enlarge a hole (wow our English language really is worthless). Okay so you look it up and you will not get what you are looking for. Thus, for the purpose of me talking about the subject, how about I give my translation of bored, and boredom. Being bored is the state of mind when your mind has little or nothing to do. It wants to be active with something. Doing the same thing over and over again could produce this effect. Having nothing to do or think about could also.

Well... my brain does not shut off... ever. The closest I get is when I get to a pass out point (and that can be sober... I have had times when passing out while actually chatting on a computer while sober).

Madd's Log, Maddate 110627.18:

So this pass-out point can come at interesting times. Sure, it can be associated with alcohol, unfortunately for those who think that is the only time, really are "improperly mental processing" as I have zonked out plenty of times free of drink. I use to pass out free of kid, back when life was... more simple. Wake up, play games, go to work, play more games, sleep. Really nothing taxing on the body. It is not that I am upset or complaining about it, the simple fact is, being a single dad in a single household can really take its toll on the body. Jarin should grow up to age 14 in actions so he can take care of himself and his little Kroeger brothers and sisters :D Hmm, off track.

So yes, I do not get bored anymore, ever. I did at one point and then I guess my brain realized that there was always something to do, so much so, that a lot of times I would not get things done. Boredom is an act of perception.
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