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We Have Patience - JOHD

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Oct 10th, 2001

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16:15 - We Have Patience
"Well, once again the pleasure was all yours."

     Ah... JOHD... I have a little bit of time to kill at this moment before I go out and do things for this day.  If a human is only given one question to God, in their mortal form, to carry out for the rest of life as known knowledge, what do they do?  I mean, what does one ask?  I already have my large list, and I think by now it contains well over 62 some questions.  A lot of them are not what your average person would ask, but then again, I have never been an average person.  Actually, that deals with one of the questions on that long list I have with God.

     Oh yeah, before I forget, I had some dream parts I wanted down since I did not remember all of them.  There was something about some guy I was chasing, and I was back at Tri-Center.  There was a go cart type thing which I had stopped by taking a shotgun and shooting at the engine.  I do not know who it was, nor, what in the world I was doing.  In another dream, after waking and going to sleep again, was about work.  It was something about skipping work to go back to Clinton.  I think I was getting in some trouble, and I was all angry since I had told the truth, when others would have lied about it.  I think I might keep a notebook near my bed so I can write these down when I am still half asleep in bed, because once I would be awake and on the computer, I would otherwise forget a lot of details which make recording the dreams near impossible.

     Some times, I wonder what kind of friend I really am.  There are some things about me that carry out to all people, regardless to who they are.  Honesty, for example.  The bond to honesty I have has increased in the times that I have been around, JOHD.  Most importantly, honesty to the self, the most difficult because it is easy to confuse things into something else.

     Well, time to met up with dITZ and get some eating done.  Master of Maddness, signing off...
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: "Greensleeves" - John Coltrane, "The Complete Africa/Brass Sess"

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