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No Really, F U!

I know I really, honestly, truly should not say anything, but yay to me getting my laptop back to booting! Needless to say, having like 98 some computers laying around really comes in handy, especially when the one computer can make a Win 7 64bit recovery disc, and the second one can use this to boot and restore as it also is Win 7 64 bit. To think, I owe it all to Microsoft. I guess paying $200 for $25 software (Office) really panned out for me. I do have for "moral" support. I posted on there yesterday how to fix my issue, I was given info on how to get my data and format, and playing on Phoenix, I ran across the recovery disc maker, and I popped it in Konami, did a few clicks here and there, and my information is back and working, for now. In doing so, I was even able to help someone who was having a boot up issue with their own.

I realize the last time I "ha"ed technology, it did a karma check, and I failed. However, Myles coming over to give me my gifts (Music from Dexter, and Momentary Lapses Blu-ray [both quickly removed off my wish list]), my other gift from my other friend (Floyd shirt I actually don't own, haha, and 1500 MS Points), along with some fun chatting with my wonderful girlfriend, have put me in a good mood. This is even despite my computer JUST throwing, randomly, William Hung into my music play list *sigh*. Why I let Sparky burn that into my computer library may be a bigger mystery than the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa.

Tomorrow is a wonderfully glorious day. It will be the birthday of my beloved girlfriend, Nicole. I hope her birthday is a wonderful one. Speaking of which, my birthday may not be the suckfest I otherwise envisioned it to be. I may not get cake or the attention I otherwise would from when Jen was here, however, it appears that I will at least be catered to, meaning, I am not confined to Orlando's. I have been doing almost all of my drinking there, that way if somehow I manage to go over my pitcher of Bud Light, Jager Bomb, and "white caucasian" (it really does tie the room together), I am simply within walking distance. Who says I am not responsible? Oh yeah, that's right... *giggles*

Oh yeah, now that I think about it, in terms of the payback, it was only a few hours after making that post, that the power went out to the entire block (and then some), forcing me to park outside, and waking up to snow on my car. I guess you still have a few points on me, tech!
Tags: alienesse, beer, birthday, girlfriend, karma, konami (pc), microsoft, myles, orlondo's, phoenix (pc), pink floyd, responsibility, technology, the big lebowski

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