Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger


Okay technology, you have won this round (and you kicked my butt harder than usualy yesterday with my attempts at makign a post from my phone).

It turns out that my shiney new laptop is a shiney new paper weight. The OS on it seems to have... dissapeared. I was attempting to find out how to do a system restore. I have not had this much problem in a long time. Most computers today have a recovery partition. Not this one. I made discs, well, I had no clue how to use them. I found out how to use them when I was looking about. When I got to the question, "Doing this will F your drive information, are you sure you want to?" I did what I figured I should. I clicked cancel. Seems logical as opposed to NEXT. Well, it hung up, and when it rebooted, it tells me to put a bootable drive in (paraphrased).

Thank you, thank you much. Those extra pictures of Jarin and stuff like that, sure, I didn't want them...
Tags: broken, jarin, technology

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