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Nov 25th, 2010

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23:59 - Gobble
Well, this Thanksgiving was a decent one. I spent a bit of it being tired, thanks to my son, and before heading out, he was being a demon and a half. However, I got some decent food. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that minus Jarin, I still got something good out of Jen, and that is her family. I remember being so concerned, back when we were dating, that when we broke up (because it was obvious it was not going to last), I would lose contact with them. They are such a loving bunch... they remind me of my family :D Oh I even got some leftovers. I am sure Jarin will love that. He may not love it as much as his baked beans he seems to be in love with (four helpings!!), however, I think it will do. So since it is almost over, happy Thanksgiving to everyone, for the one minute that it remains!

I got a new game. It is Dissidia (FF fighting game). It was half off, so I figured, what the heck!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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