Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Yes to Delete All, No to Delete All

"As a matter-of-fact I swallowed one of these about two hours ago, and the explanation is that it is, in fact, my hand."

"I really do not find it odd that right as I typed in '' that my music player, of over a weeks worth of straight music, started to play the Star Wars Imperial March"

Madd's Log, Maddate 101117.47:

Today has been a rather good day. My bug seems to be on the defeated side, Jarin let me sleep in, I was filled with energy, I "cooked" a breakfast, I cleaned, Jarin let me sleep in, I am a few days closer to having my PS3 fixed, Jarin let me sleep in, the house is stocked with food, and... oh yeah, Jarin let me sleep in! I do not think in the life of living in this house without another has Jarin ever let me sleep in. Also, sitting there eating and him randomly telling me that he loves me, well, it just adds to my day. It is no wonder I get so flustered, among other things, thinking of a future where I barely get to spend any time with him.

Oh yeah, I said it, my PS3 is in shop. It turns out that I am, as usual, more scatter brained than usual. Simple case and point, at the turn of the "death" of my PS3 (that has my copy of Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete still stuck in it), I decided to research it. Well, according to Wikipedia, the model number is "CECHExx" or "CECHCxx", with the Exx referring to the 80GB and the Cxx referring to the 60GB. The structure, however, is the same. Software backwards compatibility with PS2 games (and I still have a few I play with Stingray and company) is the big reason that I wanted to keep what I had as opposed to buying a new one, since Sony people are retards that give shit excuses how they removed it to look forward to the work of PS3 games, etc, blah blah. It is a bullshit way of saying, "We care more about money than anything, and taking this SOFTWARE ability out ensures we get as much money from you people as possible, since we already removed the hardware ability to emulate PS2." So when I started checking ebay and amazon, I put in, literally, "CECHExx". If I was smarter, which obviously I am not, I would have a)just looked on my own damn system or 2)used some form of logic to determine that "xx" in smaller case was most likely a placeholder for something, such as, oh I don’t know, 01, or some other number format. So when I went searching for a way to "fix" my problem, I was told something about my model being required and the like. So I looked at it, saw it was an "01", then I looked THAT up, and I found tons of things everywhere. Wonderful, the system still exists out there and people are selling it... for... $700+ or so used. Hahaha! Yeah right! Well more research found some resolve into the YLoD, since Sony so had to copy Micro$haft and have a "system wide failure that renders a perfectly working system totally unusable". In all my research I was able to find a local place in Des Moines that repairs such a thing. Yesterday, Jarin and I stopped there to drop my system off. Yeah, I had to turn around since I forgot my hard drive at home (more of that wonderful idiocracy at work), and I drove around forever looking for it since my GPS, while awesome at getting me there, is absolute shit for pinpointing the side or building when I am 100 feet from the place. Nevertheless, I look forward to having my poor baby back. Jarin truly and really misses it so!

So I had a cleaning bug up my butt. I think this scampered from a good morning. I actually relocated the recycle bin. It is in the garage! I mean, it is right outside the door so I can open and toss things before taking it to the actual bin. I also moved the trash can. All that is left in that part of the kitchen is the bottle stacks and the bottle caps and receipts. I even moved the cooker that had been sitting there for... um... a while. I can really tell the difference when I walk by. Oh yeah, and I threw away a lot more food and prepped a lot more to go with Jen. Really, I have no clue what was going through her head when she bought half of the things she did. As I do not see myself using such things like crème pasteurized African diet money brains. At least the things seem to last forever. I threw out very few things this time! I think my next step is calling a cleaning service to take care of my leaves. I will even make it easy, they do not have to haul away, they can use the back of my backyard :D

Netflix wants to know how my viewing quality for "Muppets in Space" was. Um... hello, it was "Muppets From Space".

Oh yeah, a little bit of nice came from my recent bad of FFXI play. See, a few days ago I was once again pawned by Maat on my WHM. My repose did not stick my first bout. I was able to get it to stick another time around, however, I had my ass handed to me one too many times to make the five minute survival time frame. Also, it does not appear to stick as well as I would like. Luckily, and ironically, before my failure I *did* skill up my Divine Magic one point, haha!! Well yesterday/today I was able to finally get a Besieged. Unfortunately the group size was "2". This meant a short fight. However, I got two more on my Divine Magic. Also, in another shocking display of "procrastination back the F down," I ended up bookmarking all my missions where I am currently on. This will better allow me to actually complete and join in with others. This also meant that I got a few missions completed, and am prepped for a few more. Yay for Madd! Something about this makes me really happy, even though it... is... just... a... video game. I just said that out loud? Of course not. It is typed and someone fabricated it.

Holy effing shit! I worked on my website some more today! Holy [Floyd] cow! next thing you know, that idea where I have games and the like and participation leading to possible cool money, rewards, and prizes is going to happen! Yeah right, I am way too lazy for that. Next thing you will tell me my Stora will get filled with all the photos and everything that all people have been waiting forever for. Oh wait, hmm...

I will end my good day entry with this advise I provided to someone via chat when asking me about being unsure how to start a school paper:

madd: type in "fuck"
madd: make sure safe search is off
madd: all the inspiration to write will be found in these helpful videos
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