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Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you if you hold that face like that too long is is going to stick that way? Well she might have forgotten to tell you if you hold that negative emotion(s) towards someone(s) that it will most likely get stuck that way also.

It should also be noted that Wil Weaton says don't be a dick. It is great advise, however, it most likely stems from him not wanting any competition.

That is all I was going to write, however then "Longfall" started to play. Oh my dear flipping word, it has been forever since I have heard this. It makes me want to level my level 1 characters. It's the Ronfaure music played in the present on FFXI. The wiki states this as "Ronfaure", however this is wrong and I am thinking of changing it, because that is what you do on a wiki. You make existence into creation by convincing people that life is exactly as it is by how you see things... unless they disagree with you and change it. However, if you successfully change it and make it Reality, then there you go.

I would also like to state that disc 1 track 4 is also wrong. Oh sure, just because it is printed it must be life. Well, my The Wall disc, track 6 of disc two CLEARLY shows the time 6 min 23 seconds, however in ever form of CD player I put it in, I show 6:24. So... HA!! Stick that in your flux capacitor and smoke it!
Tags: ffxi, music, parenting, pink floyd, psa, wil weaton

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