Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

The 23rd Hundred Hour

So, I got my first run with the 11th Dr. Hmm... I must say, that I am not exactly sure what to think about it. I certainly am liking the energy that he is putting into it. I do not think he is as well as Tennent, but then again, besides Baker, who can compare? :D

I will say that I am not as impressed with the music/intro as I am with the Seasons 1-4 (which changed about three times, not that everyone would be able to tell, however I know my Who music rather well). I also am not sure what I think of the new TARDIS look. It seems more... eh... cartoonish? The previous look was more organic, I felt.

So Dr 11 does have some nice quarks. I do enjoy them. Originally, I felt I was going to give up when I heard the route they were taking. However, I have given it a chance, and am glad they of yet are not forfeiting everything that has happened in the past. That was really going to worry me.

So Jarin declined a pop-tart today. He wanted... veggies instead. Okay, yeah, end of the world is obviously coming. Oh well, life was fun while it lasted. Jen would also be happy to hear that a few days ago while at Grandma's house, he said he wanted to go to mom's house.

He also likes to come in my room and wake me up by stating he wants to wrestle. Yeah, that is fun, especially at 7 in the morning. Um, yeah, not a wrestler at 7 AM.

Today I came into the office to wish one of my favorite mangers farewell. No, not me, haha. Now I will have to go and train yet another one.

I so miss doing video conference with my lady. We have not had a video chat since... prior to my visit up there :\ Yeah, that is going to have to change. I just light up so much seeing her animated all over. She also seems to have some concerns with the whole waiting/unknown visitation thing *sigh Yeah , the waiting and unknown visits do really cut from time to time, still, I am not going anywhere.
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