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Oct 28th, 2010

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21:47 - Controls Already Set
So the concert was wonderful. Sure, it was two days ago, but I seem to be... misplaced in time and space. I blame Dr Who for that, because the consensus is why take responsibility for anything in existence when you can blame something else, and thus be done with it?

Holy crap this song is like 14+ minutes long. Konami is acting up, still. Strange popping noise /T when listening to music. Yet, my game play is not affected, so good for that. I seem to have issues controlling my brain. I am not sure if I ever really could. I attribute it to something like lucid dreaming.

My attempts to use a repeater have found my primary modem actually inoperable. Sweet! Thank fucking goodness that shit did not actually work the way it was suppose to, and actually causes more work in the end. I could make a comment about "work in the end", however I think I will let that one go. The BBC is really messed up. If they produce something, make it available, and that is that. To that note, saying you are available to someone to talk to, then getting pissy because said person is not talking to you, does not constitute you being there for said person. Might i suggest avoiding jobs similar to suicide hotline operator. Oh dear my, this is totally not in the right key. Sorry, but Yoshi deserves better than this.

Shit I forgot to talk about my wonderful concert experience. Met some nice people. Roger put on a great show, even though he totally showed his age by dropping key for One of My Turns. Hahaha!! You old man you, David can still hit those insanely higher keys. Despite my location, I was able to get a few good shots, I felt. As with any Floyd experience, without bringing any herb I was able to "enjoy" the entire experience, as people in front, to the left, more to the left, and more in front and I think to the right made sure to keep things nice and... toasty. Eh, I really did not get a contact high, however, it is always a treat to know many around me are, since my body tells me I am not allowed to do that anymore if I value not having a heart break down.

I wonder if I would regenerate to a ginger...
Current Location: 3014 SW 40th, Des Moines, 50321
Current Mood: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: "Smash Bro Grand Melody", New Japan Philharmonic Concert

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