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Serve and Enjoy - JOHD

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Oct 5th, 2001

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14:50 - Serve and Enjoy
     Well, my vacation is coming up so soon I can taste it... or maybe that is morning breath.  I do not think morning breath is as bad as some people give claim to.  Coming to you live from my bedroom, JOHD.  I am converned that I got little sleep, since I may be actually trekkin' back to the home town tonight, and I have no clue where my MP3 jukebox is, meaning that my music selection may not be up to par.  Time to put that brain to some good power levels.  Mwahaha!!  I just found it.  See, JOHD, I can win this war.  Oh good, my food is beeping at me, that means that it is time for me to consume it, and enjoy.  I have to enjoy it, that is the last steps in the instructions.
Current Mood: tiredtired

[[2 comments | Train your Brain]]


[User Picture]
Date:Oct 6th, 2001 13:44 (UTC)

LOL!! :}

What if you don't enjoy it? Will the company that made it come and beat you up since you didn't follow the instrutctions exactly??? :)
[User Picture]
Date:Oct 9th, 2001 11:46 (UTC)

Re: LOL!! :}

Err, they might stop selling it to me or something.

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