Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
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I don't think I enjoy having too much time to myself anymore. What I would give to be bored once again. Of course if I am engrossed in FFXI or FFXIV, Dexter, Weeds, Hell's Kitchen, or whatever else that last thing I am forgetting, then it does not appear to be as bad.

So Saturday was a fun day. I got to test drive my new car, or what will be my new car once my bank decides that MY money that I put in there I will have access to. Technology is nice except when it is fucking retarded. Not giving me direct access to my money the exact time I want it... retarded. To this day every time I hear this song I think of the first woman I ever fell in love with. There are times women can really suck.

So was I totally in love with the test drive? I am driving a hybrid switch from electric to gas and back car compared to a 227 horsepower WRX. Hahaha! Come to think of it, there are few cars you can test drive that will give you the thrilling excitement of a WRX. All four wheels gripping into the pavement, propelling itself forward, like a hunting animal about to track down and eat its prey. Oh dear my I am going to get my nipples hard I keep talking like this. Of course, the 14/36 MPG is very nice compared to what I get now, not to mention all of that damn technology... that someday (like two weeks after owning I am sure), is going to fail me like every other piece of technology that I put my heart into. Anyway, my track record shows that I am a total sucker for punishment, so, why stop now.

One, nothing wrong with me...
Two, nothing wrong with me...
Three, nothing wrong with me...
Four, nothing wrong with me...
One, something's got to give...
Two, something's got to give...
Three, something's got to give...

Wow, for some reason I feel so much better. Eh... stupid tired brain cells always attacking me. Why do I require a quarter to save the world? If you want me to fly in some ship, solo, and take on a whole armada of enemies, why in the world are you charging me money? What if I do not have a quarter? You are going to let the whole world die just because you want a damn quarter?

Also, you RPG games, when you have a sword that kills everything in one hit, and there is some death coming item coming to remove all life as we know it from the planet... SELL ME THE DAMN SWORD FOR FREE. My flipping word, I will give the thing back to you. Are you kidding me? What is wrong with these people!!
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