Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Nuke From Home

On Sept 11th, 2001, terrorists changed America by attacking and destroying the World Trade Center buildings. They did exactly as their name implies, and caused country wide terror in the hearts of millions of Americans. It hit to the heart some people more than others. I had just been in New York visiting a friend. The day certainly caused some emotional issues with me down the road. I had been spending time with Gretchen back then. Yesterday I was reading up on some old JOHDish entries and caught a few things from her about the day. I also remember going out with her to Waterworks or whatever park that was. I most likely have the name wrong, however, I remember the place.

Well, Sept 11th, 2010 had a different set of emotions in me. Yesterday was my first part in a work from home incentive from work. I was one of the lucky few able to take part in the trial program for my department. I have a sense of how God has been watching over me well, just as I stated He would.

One of the many arguments mustered with Jen was over my job, and how anti-family it was. I have stuck it out as long as I have, because down inside, I know that things find a way to work themselves out. While at first work may have bantered into the ability to maintain a decent work to family relationship, my department specifically has made some strives to help things out. I can FLEX 8 times in a quarter, allowing me to accommodate things better. I can participate in split shifts, and of course I can trade. While at first I might have commented about another job, society changes, as well as ideas. Jen had a crappy job when I first met her. She was so excited to get a new job/different standing with her job, and that turned out to be even worse for her. It goes to show what I otherwise have known, which is just because you flip to a new job does not mean things will get better, in fact, they can get worse, especially if you end up being the "new guy". Well, now adds an extremely new and wonderful chapter in my job place: WFH.

So how was my first day? Well it actually starts with the prep prior. When I originally heard about the prospect, I was thinking of adding the work computer to the family room where the DSL router is at... as well as everything else. I then thought since there would be lots of distractions, that maybe using my office room as an actual office would be a great idea. It has only been "ready" to be converted for almost four years :D So after work Friday, and prior to work Saturday, I spent over 7 hours working on the "network". The big trouble is that wireless is not available on the work computer that I take home, and the USB is disabled so I cannot plug one of my adapters into it. Part of this 7 hour process was attempting to work on my wireless music bridge. This is the device that use to work with my DirecTV before I switched to another modem. I also attempted to get my ultra PC (the Sony) connected, however that things has more problems than the relationship between Jen and myself :D That thing is more messed up than Hitler on speed. It is more screwed over than our current political process. Needless to say, this thing has more problems than Paris Hilton. Yeah, I went there. I stayed up past 5:00. It was nt fun, especially with me getting up at 10:00. I finally went with backup plan, I took one of my other modems and plugged it up upstairs. Problem with that is that now all of my "personal" toys are not able to hit outside. Ug, technology, you suck. So this is a temporary fix until I get a wireless repeater that can connect upstairs. Grr technology. One thing I was expecting was my old phone to not work. I had to rush to get a new one. Best Buy had only one basic phone that would work, and I already knew Wal-Mart had one cheaper. Office Max had even worse. Ug! So it was over to Wal-Mart to pick up a new phone. Oh yeah did I mention that all of my babysitter options had failed? Talk about being looked after. What a perfect time to not find a babysitter, the time I first get to work from home. Sept 11th starting to look better this day.

It was a rather dry run. I only took like one call, maybe two. I was in a tier two function on a weekend, so that meant a nice slow volume of calls. This also meant that Jarin was able to "bother" me with his millions of questions and talking. So how did this Sept 11th fair? It was a wonderful experience. I truly look forward to working from home. For the first time in years I have motivation to keep my stats up. I think of all the extra time I will get to spend with Jarin, and if this service keeps up, with my girl (*pokes Alienesse*). I can have e-time for an hour or whatever, and instead of possibly wasting that time, I can just log off, and there is my family waiting for me. Well, at least, assuming Jarin is here. Oh the irony of things that went down this year. While life could have turned out with Jarin here all the time, and me able to spend more time with him, I know God has a "better" plan, and I am rolling with that. That brings me to day two of WFH.

Day two, today, was a busier day. I had a chance to test drive being in queue and seeing what it feels like from here. There is something about the home environment that makes it more bearable. I am not as tempted to hit after call after a call. I am "less poked" by being in queue. I mean, I certainly see this is going to end up being better for my stats. I think part of it is my feeling of being totally micromanaged and thus "rebellious" is extremely lowered. Sure, they are watching what I do on my computer, however, I would expect no less than that. This is Company stuff, and they want to make sure crazy people are not doing bad things with customer information. I have rarely had an issue being monitored. The only time it bothered me was when my computer would slow to a crawl when I was being watched. Of course, that meant I knew when I was being watched :D

So regardless, it had been a successful two days so far dealing with working from home. This entry was meant to be posted yesterday, Sunday, however I ended up passing out on the couch with Jarin :D Speaking of Boogers, I found it extremely interesting on day one that instead of spending all day playing MotorStorm (since I had no one to watch Jarin), he actually was more interested spending time with me and attempting to ask me questions. As I only had one call that day, talking to him was not an issue, as we were also slow and work was pretty much kept up. It really made me feel good. It especially makes me feel great as this 2hr away thing is something I am totally not enjoying. As I have been right up to this point, despite being told I was going to be wrong, I expect things way into the future are also going to be right, so affirmation from my child that I can rank over his favorite video game is a good thing. As noted, Sept 11th went down as an absolutely wonderful day this year. As always, thank You God for watching out over me and taking care of me. Thank You for having everything fall into place in my life at some point, even if the trip is sometimes extremely painful.
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