Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Yes, Ouch

So it was quite the day for the Kroeger family. First off, Jarin, who thought it would be cute to turn around and throw a Nerf bat at me at full speed bounced right off of the side corner of the wall. At first, I started going into him for throwing a bat at me, explaining that is what he gets for not paying attention (and being naughty, even though I did not get a chance to really get too far into discipline since...). However, then I noticed red on my carpet. Then I noticed MORE red on my carpet. That is when I realized something was really wrong. I sat him up and he started to have blood leaking down the back of his head. It just kept coming out. I got a paper towel, and the whole thing was totally red. At the same time, Jarin was doing this whimpering cry that I had not ever heard before, even though he had banged himself up well before. I would have to say this was the most pain I have ever seen him in. He would be whimpering a lot, and I would ask about his head hurting, and then he would start bawling. *sigh* Poor little guy. However, as noted, "'tis but a scratch." We got in the car and prepared to take off to the walk in clinic down by South Ridge Mall. I asked if he wanted to hear Dark Wizard (one of two of his most favorite songs ever). He said he was not going to be able to sing along. Yeah, my little guy was in pain.

When we got to QT by the McDonald's on Army Post, I told him I had to put air in my tire (since the one was at around 9 psi). After I filled up that and the other tire, I got in and noticed Jarin saying, "This is Dark Samus Escape (from Metroid Echoes 2)" He was singing along. Yeah, I knew he was fine. I still wanted to take him in to the office. So we got there, and as usual, the female nurses are drooling all over my kid (fathers of daughters, I apologize in advance, please be gentle with me). For some reason, everyone was going in before us, including two people who came well after Jarin and I did. Oh well. So the nurse finally calls us after I read everything I could find (suitable) to Jarin. The female nurse has him propped up on a chair, puts on the gloves, and starts to clean the back of Jarin's head. Talk about perfect timing for a "fuzz cut". As she is cleaning the area, she gets closer and closer to the actual cut. Jarin clinches up his face and starts slapping the paper he is sitting on. She asks him if he is angry at her, and he says, "no, I am just hitting the paper." She turns her head and attempts to not bust up laughing (I had to hide my face also), because I know it had to sting like heck, and he was doing his best to be a big boy, and he was! Not a single tear. However, there were certainly a few times we could tell it was hurting him. What a trooper!

So then she leaves, and after like 20 minutes, the doctor finally comes in (seriously, WTF??). The Dr takes a look and notes he is going to glue Jarin's head shut so his brains do not come out. Sounds like a good plan to me. Well, I was warned this glue stings like shit, and it must have, because when he started to apply it, Jarin actually said "ouch" and his whole body clinched up. Again, however, he did not cry. It might have helped that on both the nurse cleaning and Dr gluing I was talking about McDonald's, his favorite food, and anything else I could think of in attempts to keep his mind off the pain. Then it was all done and over with.

We went to McDonald's, where they had "the latest N64 games" (WTF????), and after advising Jarin he does not get to play at all until he finishes his chicken, finally finished his food, and we went into playland. There was not much to play there. So we left and I let my GPS guide us to a park. While it was okay to get Jarin's head wet, I really did not want a bacteria infested lake to be the place we went, so that plan was scratched. Also, my GPS is not very good at telling me, "Hey, this park has no actual slides to play on," or, "Hey, you cannot get onto the highway from this road... or this one... or this one, and, oh, that turns into a dead end." What a wonderful day!

So, of all places, we find this dinky little park with a slide. I wanted something new, and I got it. Place was so small that I did not even have a chance to "relieve" the 4 or 5 glasses of Mellow Yellow I drank. Well, I wanted to ensure I got the back mowed, so after really coaxing Jarin, was able to get him in the car and back to my house.

I decided to let Jarin play Motor Storm while I mowed, since when I take him to the back when I mow, he always disappears, and last thing I need is his zooming into the streets after I just spent $25 to clean and glue his head (plus whatever I get in the mail a few months later). So I got the back mowed, and was very proud of myself. I was so proud that I decided for the first time in at least one, if not two seasons, I mowed the "shared" lawn between my good neighbor and myself. Well, I guess karma decided to be an extremely nasty bitch to me, because as I was half way through, I noticed this really sharp pain in my left ankle, like I had jammed my foot into a rusty nail. Then I noticed my ass was on fire. Then I noticed my right arm was flaring with pain. I was finally able to see the fact that I was being attacked by a bunch of bees. So I high tailed it out, throbbing in massive pain in multiple places, and decided if the little bitched wanted to play, I was going to bring my friend RAID. I sure hope they like my friend, because I emptied the entire can into the area. Hahaha!! WHO IS LAUGHING NOW, BITCHES?!? Well, I can confirm at least 8 bees no longer exist in the world, because that is about how many got me. I am sure a few more are gone also since my friend RAID plays rough. Still, my right arm is really sore from where I was stung. It is the worst of all of them. Last time I remember being stung by a bee was some time when I was a teenager. My mom is deathly allergic to bee stings. If she was the one who got stung like I did, there is a high chance she would be dead by now. I guess I still am not allergic to them. Let's hope that trait passes onto my son, just in case...

So yeah, a great day for Jarin and I. Actually all things considered, we really did have a good day. It is really nice having so much time with him. While I work tomorrow, I will have the next two days off. It is the most concentrated time I have had with Jarin since Jen moved out. I have a full weekend planned also. I am sure his brain will be fine by the weekend, and we should still be able to hit the beach.

On a finishing note, I am not sure the reason this just came out of thin air, however Jarin said, "McDonald's is better than Taco Johnny's."
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