Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Dr Dedication

Not everything I have professionally understood about human behavior was scraped up from a psychology book. I learned a lot from a brilliant speech teacher from my days at GVC named Doug Larche. If I remember correctly, which I most likely do not, this was my next favorite class under my psychology classes. Teacher wise, he ranked up there with the great Dr Hanson and Dr Evans. In one of the exercises we did, there was a scenario where people were going to die. By people dying, I meant that some situation was putting groups of us in “mortal danger”, and we had to figure a way to solve some puzzle or issue or something like that. I do not remember the specifics, I do certainly remember the exercise. It was intense. I do not even remember if people survived in my group or not. As far as I remember, everyone died, even though I doubt it. This exercise was a look at what type of person you were.

So, you have a group of people in a bad situation and something has to happen to keep people dying. How do you do it? A leader helps. This exercise helped determine what kind of "leader" a person is. Turns out I am what is known as an emergent leader. The simple definition is a leader who arises from a group, as opposed to a prescribed leader, one who is elected (hi Mr. President). Of course there are people who do not have leadership abilities. They fall apart if they have to make a group of people do something. So when a leader was appointed, I had no problems working with (and not attempting to overthrow) in attempting to get the objective done. When no one was appointed, and no one was stepping up to the plate, I would take over to help organize things so... well, so people were not dying. I find that type of leadership evident in a lot of my everyday life, with things so simple as getting food with a significant other. "What do you want to eat?" The universal often asked question. I have been with enough people where we are attempting to figure out what we are going to eat (this includes friends, not just romantic relationships). I like control. I have always liked some form of control. The control does not have to be from me. I do not have to be in control of something to be in a state of non dissonance. Sometimes I do not have answers. Also, I find I get annoyed when I am asked to take control of something and then have fights or debates over it. "What do you want to eat?" "I am indifferent." "Well, Madd, pick something." "Okay, I am thinking Arby's." "I do not want Arby's." "Okay how about Fong's Magic Pizza shop." "I am not in the mood for that." I mean really? *shakes head* I think people are absolutely crazy. I know I am.

I miss my classes. I got a lot of enjoyment out of them and had some great teachers. I really was able to learn a lot about myself and those who I interact with. On that note, I love my girlfriend and miss her.
Tags: doug larche, dr evan, food, gvc, jim hanson, leadership, psychology, speech

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