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So I think there is a high probability that Jarin likes my girlfriend more than his mom and me... combined, hEhEhE!! I was able to video chat with her for the first time yesterday. I had brought Jarin home, and in doing so, he practically kicked me from the front of the computer. Plus, every two minutes or so was going, "Hey Nicole...". So he got more air time than I did I think. He was all sorts of wound up. I would go as far as saying he was putting his "usual moves" that he is infamous for on women. Yeah... I am going to be in a lot of trouble with a lot of daughter's parents when he gets older.

So I wake up, and when he sees my laptop, the first thing he tells me, "Dad... can I talk to Nicole?". hEhEhE!! My word, kid! He asked me multiple times before work. Well it was nice the two had a great time together. Honestly, I think she "cheats" in that she is on a computer and Jarin simply loves technology. However, it takes little to zero psychological skills to simply realize, Nicole has a fondness for my child, and Jarin loves the attention. Obviously, I am ecstatically happy my child is so fond of any woman I would otherwise be interested in. One of her attractive traits of late has been her maternal glow that surrounds her. She has been extremely supportive of Jarin and myself. She makes me to be a great dad. Yeah, that is cheating also. However, sometimes cheating is good *smile*.
Tags: alienesse, girlfriend, jarin, parenting, skype

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