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Technological Worm Hole! - JOHD

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Aug 1st, 2010

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00:54 - Technological Worm Hole!
Well, I guess it turns out I was right all along. Eh, oh well, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The hate keep pouring in more and more, and you know, I know all about hate since I have spent so much time into hating a person who actually deserved it, one who would make references to my child who I love more than life itself.

However, in this case, I am refering to my ex girlfriend Nicole. At least I had the pleasure of being her boyfriend for more than a month. That is kind of cool. Good thing I am still rather numb from all the verbal attacks I got from her and her twisted logic as to how I am as a human being. I get nothing but insults these days. Compared to other people... wow, I thought Jen was an angry human. I am shown wrong. So good for Nicole for being a free bitch as she is so proud to tell the world. I have been unhappy with two people in the FB world, and those people attacked me and my love for my child, so as far as I am concerned they deserved it. I got not as much as an apology to this day for those attacks. I make a little joke towards my latest ex, and I get my nuts thrown in a vise despite the fact I apologize for obvoiusly upsetting someone who is already upset at the world. But you know, I will always be the bad guy, that is just how it works...
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