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Not Now Dude!

I would like to file an editorial correction: my girlfriend does still love me. I had a decent chat with her prior to the turn of the hour, and we chatted a bit before we went to bed. It was a double case of misunderstanding. She uses something known as dark humor. I am extremely familiar with dark humor, and as most of my closer friends know, I use it frequently. Yes, some would say too frequent. The problem with other people using dark humor (especially over IM/TXT) is that it is not always known when it is happening, especially when one has been having a “rough few days”. Needless to say, I have crushed her spirits and she is doing everything I… oh wait, I mean so now she has total and absolute dominance over me and… oh wait, no that is not right either. Um… we are secret assassins who are plotting to destroy all evil in the world? No… then we would have to kill me with this lingering evil inside of me. Maybe something about a tiger bot or a bigger boat a rabbit might do something in?

Okay, how about I just say we are cool. I am still a little shaken not stirred however I imagine things will work over soon enough, as they generally do. This is one of the wonderful key features of our relationship, is that sooner or later we talk through things. Some things take a little bit more than others, and from the sounds of it, I still have an issue to clear up from the 4th. Ug there are seriously sometimes when I should just let my hurt broken spirit take a rest and recollect my thoughts. One of the known issues I have in life is my inability to mentally function when I am extremely worked up. Well actually, it turns out that I must be getting better because I was worked up in the last email I sent to Nicole and I did not make an idiot of myself. So maybe there is hope for me after all. At any rate… I am rambling.

Netflix is one of the best things I have done. I mean seriously. Even with my dialup DSL (1.5) I am able to catch up on some wonderful things I have missed out. There is *always* something on TV. I’d buy that for a dollar.

Jarin is regressing. During breakfast before my early ass work, I wrote down "mom". He was not able to sound it out or anything. I was certain he had done that before. I honestly do not remember. So then I did "Jarin". I *know* he has seen and said that before. Then I spelled "dad". He should know how to say that prior to being born, it is something that should be built into every boy because dads absolutely rock. Well, at least this one does! *flexes* Oh and I want to apologize to you ahead of time, son, you are dyslexic and it is from me. In asking Jarin to say the letters, he kept messing them up. Now, "b" from "d" is something I have done forever and a minute. My concern is when he is getting all of these letters out of nowhere. Of course, he is a little shit at times, so he could be messing with me. Just like sometimes you ask him what he did today, and he tells you random things and does not even tell you everything. That in itself has lead to some anger towards Jen who thinks all I ever do with Jarin is let him play video games and do nothing else. However, as I am not in a bad mood today, I would like to keep it that way so I will move on :D

So I would like to work with Jarin more with his alphabet. I also would like to get some fun kids games for him. As he is getting better at using a computer (or any technological device for that matter), I think some smart learning games would be great for him.

There is a forest growing in my backyard. I do not mean all the trees that are supposed to be there, I am talking about all the stuff that is not supposed to be there. I should FINALLY get to mow. Will be in town, not working, and most important, no 40 days and nights of rain. If the weather guy is wrong, I am going to raid his weatherbug. Also those damn weed vines are attempting to take over my yard again. They are going to be in for a hurting tomorrow!

Oh yeah I have had my new wireless N DSL modem so I can get 1.5 dial up even faster than before. I got it the Friday before my trip, and I have yet to get it installed. I also want to look into having the new computer act as a wireless access point for everything. That would bring me happiness, among other things.

I love lamp.
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