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Madd Martin L Kroeger

So today marks the one month anniversary with Ali. It is an important mark in a nine year friendship. As noted, there was a little bit of “turbulence”, however, we made it through that and the connection between us is stronger than ever. In fact, the connection is so strong that it may have overcome an evil I have been dealing with for a while (something due for another post). For years there has been this unconditional love for her that grows stronger and stronger. It is significant because my memory can only think back to one other person who I really had unconditional love for. I think the way it works similar to “Who Wants to Sleep With A Millionaire?” There are certain parts in a relationship with someone, where they are able to do about anything, and they can only fall back so far. There is always that possibility that Nicole and I would go through some bad time that would eliminate the possibility of us getting married. However, with the exception of malice towards my kids (as I have been finding lately through experience), there is otherwise not anything she could do that would make me stop loving her and wishing her well being. The way I see it, she is well past the $32,000 milestone with all her lifelines intact.

Well lookie here, JOHD. I made back to back entries. What is this world coming to. I am very excited to have some man-cave time soon. It has been a long while since I have been on a Yeast and Cheese™ invasion. I have a few more toys, like 10k some movies, accessible thanks to Netflix :D Of course, the plan usually goes, one day set to go out and sing (giving me a chance to get plastered and make memorable moments), going out for food, and spending the rest of the time gaming it up. New to the crew will be my PS3, as I do not remember either having it or bringing it with me. Also, there will be Rock Band. Yes, good old Rock Band, and with Blairzilla being there, it should be very interesting. Will he sing? Play guitar? Madd likes bass, and Stingray is my drummer, so, we shall see! I certainly am excited! Oh yeah, I already said that.

Mmm, minty-BBQ flavored Corn Nuts are a choking hazard to kids 6 and under. I think it is the danger of the food that makes them so tasty. Reminds me of attempting to have fresh lion, and by fresh, I mean snarling and calling her friends to come eat you. I got to do a little bit of cleaning on my car yesterday. The front passenger seat is now somewhat organized. Once I get the hatch cleaned out then I should be able to better transport body parts without misplacing them, as it is really cluttered back there right now. When I go to the store today with Jarin I might want to invest in a new toothbrush since I think I have a tip from 13 years ago. I think they are suppose to be changed out every 10 years, however I really do not remember. PSA for all the male readers: boobies! PSA for all the female readers: shoes? Shopping? Eh, I still have a lot to learn about women. Sure, I am in a killer serious relationship with a wonderful woman, does not mean I understand her yet :) hehehe. I would say a PSA of penis, however some might confuse that with the Penis Game. It has been a while since I have played that. Er, the game that is. Okay, next subject, moving on (hi mom!)

So I wanted to thank my God for having today be an overly wonderful day. I am now at the in-less-than-24-hour mindset, since in less than 24 hours I will be on my way home to pack and attempt to hit WI with my GPS. This may be the first time I do not end in a totally wrong city (Stingray’s fault, should not allow me to keep old places on mapquest), or simply get lost while in WI (also Stingray’s fault, since it is always his fault when I get lost).

OH MY WORD! I just totally remembered... oh, wait, no I didn’t never mind. So I am planning a trip next month. It is going to be a rather important trip, even though as the Floyd is pouring thought my laptop speakers, I tend to forget what it was about. Haha, only kidding! The postponed trip to TX should be happening the end of next month. That is another level of excitement like I have not had in a long time.

Holy shit, I totally forgot, some point last night (Wed morning/Tue night) my mailbox was attacked and destroyed. I am more than certain it was the DSM Register people. I can say that was certainly very uncool. I mean, sure, I could use a new mailbox upgrade, it’s just that this is not the way I wanted to go about it. Hmm… I think my second wind is leaving me. Oh, that might be the apple and veggies I just ate. Okay, now I am just not making sense.

I want a nap...
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