Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Sniffing Bottle

It has been a good day. I feel fat right now. I ate a bit of Thai and a few gummy worms. Someone has assasinated my spell checker. I still have a bit of flaking skin. I am not sure how I avoided going to the ER, I mean, six hours for the first time of the season? I have gas and you are welcome. Apparently FB is assasinating the freedom of speech. God is great, however You already knew that. I do not think I am going to sell Jarin on Craig's List. I just heard a beep. The tag on this shirt is scratchy. I really do not want to mow my lawn, however I guess I should. I am getting a compulsary urge to sing. I am thankful for Justin Timberlake, and please for the love of love, do not ask me the reason for that statement. I think my head is going to detach from my shoulders one of these days. Ninja cleaning people make for extra work just to release excessive Mt Dew from my system. The sunburn on my scalp seems to not be ni pain. *yawn* oh dear me, maybe I should go back stairs and get some of that Mt Dew back...
Tags: body, family, jarin, justin timberlake, mt dew, rambling, squirrel, weight

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