Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Magnetic Bolt

So it appears I currently weight the lowest I have in at least five years, if not longer. I ring in at 195 lbs now. My Floyd shirts are certainly happy.

Well, I had some opportunities to place my new philosophies of life into play. I am rather proud in the fact that as much as I wanted to push the “Well, this is what you did to me so why in the hell should I not inflict this back onto you,” thought that I actually gave it some thought and instead played it up the way I would have wanted to be treated. It is nice because that means that I can do so even when under stress, cognitive instability, depression and the like, I am able to be me. I really think I like being me. I think many other people will better enjoy me being me, as opposed to being them on a bad day.

So I am optimistic that I can change me for me and be happy about this fact.

I really owe so much for God since He answered my prayers. I was not the only one praying for me, and my blessings go out to the many people who have seen me in so much pain of late and have called out to the Lord to look out after me. What the crap is the deal with the Bible not capitalizing God pronouns? I read a passage some point on Sunday, and noticed all references to “Him” were “him”. Maybe my Bible is defective. This is the Bible I have had since I was living in Clinton. It even has my old number and address in it. I cannot believe the thing is still in one piece. Maybe it is time to get Jarin a Bible.

Thank you God, you are my favorite (only) deity.
Tags: body, depression, god, jarin, philosophy, psychology, self-exploration, weight

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