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"I'm not obsessing. I'm just curious."

Madd log, Maddate 010923.78 0144p:
     [EVENTS now] Happy happy Madd Madd happy happy Madd Madd.  Hiya, JOHD old chum.  I hope you slept well, I sure did sleep well.  I had the most bizzare dream, and unfortunately I only remember 10% of it.  It went something like me at this cheerleading compitition, and I was part of it.  We were waiting for something, and I kept running into the gym, then forgot something, then ran back out, and would do this a few times.  I was not wearing a Floyd shirt.  I was getting panic stricken, thinking I was either not going to find a Floyd short, or cost us the compitition if I did not get back.  The dream then went into something involving NY Friend.  She was in a yard in and I was flying towards her.  I have no idea how I was flying towards her, but I think I had my hand in some crazy device, and she thought I was waving at her, or coming at her, but there was something behind her, up in a window, that I was going towards.  Not sure what it was.  The next thing I know I am in some female's car.  She had a kid in the back, and I was in the back also.  No one was in the passenger's seat.  She was upset that she was a horrible mother.  There was school related thing that she was to go to, and there were other people counting on her for something, and something about her not being able to get the things, letting them down, stuff like that.  I asked why not just go get them now, and I think she said something about time restraints.  Then the next thing I know I am walking down a hallway, and there is some teacher in front of me, as well as some people, of which I think I knew one of them.  The teacher was going to talk to us about dead alkaline batteries.

Dream a Little Dream for Me

     So whatever was up with that, I am not sure.  I remember, before I went to sleep, after I had prayed, curiosity.  I wonder what would happen if I shut my eyes, and I never woke up.  At the time, I was thinking death.  What it would be like to be dead.  I get the thoughts a lot at times.  I get them randomly when I do.  I could be happy, sad, or bigger than a bread box.  Wait a second, I am bigger than a bread box.  But now I go beyond just being curious of death.  I mean, I can shut my eyes never to have them wake if I went into a coma also.  A permenate dream.  I wonder what a person dreams about for 30 years straight when they never wake up.  On very rare occassions, JOHD, I wonder if I am doing nothing more than living in a dream world.  No, I do not think my body is being used for a battery so that millions of machines and agents can rule human kind.  But some times I wonder... with as strange as life can get.  This would mean that all the humans I interact with do not exist.  Every single one, a figment.  Hmm... well, anyway, enough about that, JOHD, let's talk about me!

Let Freedom Ring

     I am happy to be free, JOHD.  I think I have served my time.  I know I will enjoy this freedom quite a bit.  I do remember back to when I was free, and think to myself, what happened?  What went wrong?  I know it was not Summer.  No, not the one I work with.  That Summer shall be known as Summer T.  Summer did not imprison me.  I think she may have done something to Mr Chance.  Ivy.  Maybe it was Ivy.  Maybe there is where the entrapment came from.  Of all the humans who have given me troubles, I think she most likely stands out as taking all the cake.  She indirectly destroyed Mousis Phoenix.  If only Wiskers were here.  I would give him some Bonkers.  He could use his super powers to explain that whole era for me.  Actually, I do not think Wiskers is required for that, for I have you.  Ah yes... you were getting a bit rowdy last night.  Was it sleepiness?  Hmm... that one shall be pondered for a bit.  JOHD, word usage has decreased in complexity.  I want you to take this down to the analyzer and have it labbed.

The Dominatrix

     I actually do not mind going to work today.  I think I shall totally dominate my callers.  I'll dip into their mind, and push all their buttons.  I am sure I will get some irates, using iraty logic.  I will laugh at their iraty logic and make them ratigador bait, mwahaha!!  Maybe it is not fair, but hey, I am just the messanger in the first place.  If you are going to shoot me down, I'll stand ground and shoot back.  Only I will win.  They, will lose.  It is rather simple, my friend.  You know, I have a lot of time left until work, but, I think to how the To Do list, which we masterfully incorperated into last waking day's entry, should be worked upon.  The To Do list should be empty, even though by theory, there is always something to do.  Then again, anything is possible.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0222p......

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