Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

420 Second Energy

I am, dead tired. My brain does not appear to be placed where it is suppose to. I want to blame being tired. Some things are on my mind that were yesterday, but yesterday I was nice and rested up. Heck I got some things done around the house that I otherwise am rather impressed on.

So Gretchen is having a birthday today. She is turning 40, and she is happy about that. Good for her. I do not hear from her anymore. She use to be a large part of my life but there are some unknown things that, as she stated, make it good as to where we are. Along with a lot of other people on my list, I think it is time to trim things down. I still wish her a happy birthday. I would whether or not she was on my list, just like I shall love her all the same. On the positive side, if we do "go our separate ways", this will be the first time in a while it was done on a positive note, and not an ugly one, like the last one I went through like last month or so.

She is not the only issue I am having. Not related to her at all, comes the list of people that do not appreciate me. Yes, it is a list, no it is not one person. However even that is extended to my growing unease with how people are unappreciative of other people. Wow, Word says "unappreciative" is a word. Imagine that. I feel a revision of the 5:1 rule is required. The 5:1 rule states that for every one "negative" thing you do for your significant other, five "positive" things are required to balance that out. So, if I do not appreciate some thing you did out of the kindness of your heart, then I do five really nice positive things for you. Like, give you a foot rub, clean your car for you (unless you drive a semi with trailer in which case washing it by hand could equal 4 things :D), and so on and so forth. I feel even I do not address the 5:1 very well. That is something I think I will document right now, to Earth, that is affective starting right now.

I am kind of sad that FFXI is doing maintenance during what would be my lunch time. Of course, with as much as I got dropped in one time span (5 K.O. in 1.5 hour, a new record), I do not think logging on for 30 minutes is going to do me much good. Oh yeah, there is unseen drama there also. My word people and their inability to be wrong without being an absolute fucking dick about it. It is either thinking of that which makes me not feel well to my stomach, or the 5-Hour Energy on nothing but cereal and O.J. People who just cannot be wrong because they think they are greater than God, well... needless to say, let karma filter that out.

Well, that is my 15 minute rant for the day, even though if given the opportunity to, I could go on a lot more. Good thing I am being cut short due to break. My apologies to the three or so dedicated readers that see me come back from not writing for a while in this tone. As scripted by my work, "I apologize for any trouble and inconvenience this has caused you. I will work as quickly as possible to get this corrected for you."
Tags: 5:1, birthday, ffxi, gretl, psychology, rant, tired, work

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