Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Danger Madmartigan, Danger!

I have what I like to call a... different sense of humor. Not everything has to be about your mom (even though it is), and not every chicken has to cross the road (even though all robots do since they are carbon bonded to the chicken). I some times forget in my day to day me-beings that not all humans share equal time with me. Now there are some who do and just do not get what I am about. There are others who do not realize what I am saying since they have not assimilated the context of my material.

All is fine and good, however in the end it is really about one important thing: your mom. Er, I mean, a chicken. No wait, laughter. See, the thing is, the same is reversed. I do not know what floats everyone’s boat. My brain is already processing information 6 times more than it should be, so attempting to remember where you stand in what is and is not funny is not always going to be clear. Oh yeah, not to mention, I am not always the smartest block in the box. Doing classic SNL Connery talking about Trebek’s mom to someone who just lost a mom… yeah… I certainly have my flaws.

There is one person who I generally know I will get to laugh: you mom. Er, I mean a chicken. Well, I am close on either count, because I mean myself. It is not that I necessarily find myself being overly funny. It is that I find that most things are funny. I am one of the most easily amused humans I know, which makes joke telling by my friends super easy. I mean seriously, why did the robot cross the road, because he was carbon bonded to the chicken? hAhAhA!! I still laugh at that! Oh and still love that movie and shame for everyone who made it bomb out to no sequel :’(

So hopefully this quick 15 minute minus 5 minute break regarding who the world of Maddness works, and how you might as well, was informative to you. If not? Well…

Your Mom

(hi mom, happy birthday :)

... and here it is, your moment of Zen

Tags: humor, maddness, psychology, snl, your mom

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