Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

At the Tone, the Time will be... Feb 29th, 2010...

Y2K+10. I hear that the problem is "fixed", however, this little problem bothers me beyond anything I have seen in electronics. This problem goes to show what happens when a company just has so much power that they can do anything with the things you own.

It appears there is a glitch that affects a lot of the old school PS3 out there. The trouble is, from what I imagine, the fact these older PS3 have a similar problem that we expected when Y2K "hit". The PS3 is storing the year as a single digit. So, a year from yesterday it would have seen date 90228. This year it would see it as 00228. Well, 0 would translate to "2000", which actually is a Leap Year. So the next logical day is Feb 29th, 2000. So right around when 100301 hit, my PS3 decided to think the date was Dec 31th, 2000. I was playing Batman and it would give me an error every 8 seconds or so. This was only in the Challenge mode. Unfortunately, I had already beaten the game so normal mode did me no good. Later I find out this might have been a good thing, because anything dealing with trophies is where the problem lies. This brings me to what really bothers me.

Sony apparently has this big dependence on trophies and your account. So when you are not even online, playing your damn games you paid for is not happening. Any game I attempted that uses trophies would give an error. Batman was the only game that actually “played”, even though it was too frustrating to be able to complete anything. I remember when I powered up a console and the damn thing played… minus the NES when you blew into your games too much, causing a red flashing screen.

Now the one thing that was not addressed on the forums and everywhere that I found out, related to the date, and why the PS3’s internal is toasted oats, is that every time I turned off my PS3 and would start it up, the time was EXACTLY to the second where I left off. So when I shut down around 00:02.36 or whatever, the clock would show 00:02 when I would start up 7 hours later.

So thank you Sony, /sarcasm for having way more control over my system I paid an ass load of money for. /slap "Sony"
Tags: ps3, sony, technolgy, video game

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