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Subject - JOHD

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Feb 14th, 2010

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22:13 - Subject
Tri-Center people might remember.

Wow, I see I already had mentioned I missed writing. I must really miss it if I said it more than once and did not realize it. I remember JOHD was originally a "chore". It was something I had to do, every day, for a grade. In fact, everyone in my friend list under "school" with "Tri-Center" took this same class and had to do the same thing. Drat to not remembering the teacher's name. So, a page would be starred in the booklet. One had to write to that star. It did not matter what you wrote, and was noted you could write the same word over and over again. A few times I did that. Something happened (besides getting others to write in there for me). I became addicted. I also expanded to computer at some point, and kept on going.

That is all I have to say about that for now :D
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