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Poop = Chocolate

Yes, please, no copyright flaming, I would greatly appreciate that, thank you for playing :)

A shout-out to Melissa, AKA Sewcute (since there are millions of Melissa's roaming the planet). I know this is her favorite medium to chat about things, and I have not been on since who knows when, and I just wanted to post to the world to let it know I am thinking about her. That is all, carry onward...

I am having a great day.

So, been a while since I have been here. It is nice that work allows me the ability to net between calls again. Sure, no Twitter (you're welcome, Work), social networking, or games (aw, sorry Madd's World Arcade [MWA]), however, I can do this, and might as well.

I miss writing, and I mean, a lot. Of late, I seem to fall into this slump where I really do not want to do anything what-so-ever. I mean, there are a lot of things on my plate, and my ToDo list still has items well beyond 2,843 days overdue (sorry teeth!). I am not one to give up, but there are some things I seem to have given up on. Having things done proactively is one of those things. I do something, then once a pattern breaks, it is gone and I am back to the old ways. This displeases me, and I am not sure what the problem is or how to fix it. Whether it is dyslexia, or some brain malfunction, or whatever, there are some things I would have the ability to do to help work on whatever those issues are. Right now, one of the best things is having a friend network of humans supportive in this area. Unfortunately, I really do not have that now (no offence, friends). It is difficult to have help with a problem that others do not share. Just like, if you were the only one who ever touched a drop of drink at an AA meeting, well, no matter how helpful those other humans are, they just do not get it. I can tell you giving birth hurts, like no other. I cannot tell you that I relate to the pain, despite what has happen to my body through its lifetime. As much as I can imagine and use logic, it simply is not gonna happen.


I miss Sparky. It has been... um, I want to say four weeks as of yesterday since I have talked to him, let alone hung out with him. Something has gone on his life. Two weeks ago, I got a message on his OGM (tech talk for "outgoing message" on voicemail/tam [tech talk for telephone answering maching]) saying that he still loved me and he also talked about his cousin, someone who also hangs out with him a lot. This tells me that whatever is going on, it is not just me. Of course, he also said so. The fact he is referencing other human(s) just backs it up. Logic FTW. I sure hope I get to hang with him soon.


Well, I have certainly had my battles here and there with Work. I will say this much (I think I can say this without getting into trouble, hehe), that despite any issues I have had with Work, they keep impressing me. We just got information today that flex has gone from 5 per quarter for hour max to 8 per quarter for two hour max. This is great news for others... other than me. I mean, the extra is nice, however the two hour difference will work more for others. However, what REALLY works for me, two fold, is that our PDP has now all been converted over to PRIORITY. This means that instead of the four days we get, now all of our PDP time can be PRIORITY. I currently have 4 hours left. I am one of a remote few who have this. So besides getting more PRIORITY, this means that other people are going to be able to burn up more entitlement time faster. The only down side is if I want any entitlement time in the first part of the year, it will be more difficult a little bit longer. I do enjoy the fact that people will be able to burn it quicker, allowing me easier access to time off in the later part of the year :)


I am going on my fourth smartphone now. Unlike my last POS (VX6900), my Samsung Omnia II has gotten great reviews. I got to play with one in the mall. I typed out "I want to eat brains" on it with that new finger drag thing for QWERTY that I forgot its name (oh yeah, Swype, how almost original... not). I am really hoping for gold here, as my current phone frezzes, has lost a bit of information, has reset itself without even touching it a few times, and basically is being a poo-head of a phone. Boo to it! It is extremely frustrating having a phone that every time I touch it, the "hourglass" starts spinning for extended periods of time.


My body really seems like it is letting me down. I have no one to blame but... my parents! :D Okay, I do not do the best diet, and I certainly do not exercise, something I at least have thought about from time to time. So there is plenty on my own plate that I could tackle. It is to the point that per month I bleed more than a woman. My quote "never trust something that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die" (well, not my quote, but one I enjoy much) is belonging to my base more so than I would like. Nothing anyone can do about it other than bring out the Burnz-O-matic. I also am more tired. Jarin does not make this an easy task. I do stay up late still, however there have been times I have not. I do my best not to Dew every day, so I cannot help but wonder if that is playing a part. It might be time to flush the system. Mmm... water.


I so love my website. It has helped me connect with a few lost humans here and there. I so "neglect" it a lot. There is so much updating that again is on the plate, however not being eaten by anything. I... am not sure what else I was going to say on that matter.


So, I am tired, yet again. I had two Dew from Wal-Mart before work. I am out of Dew. I think I am out of motivation. I paid more for my new remote than my phone. That is a scary thought. I want my DirecTV HD back. It has been like... um, a long time, and I still do not have HD access and am a receiver short. I might call them tonight. It would be another win for Madd. Oh dear, more information coming my way.


Hmm… what can I say. His intellectual capacity is wonderful. He is already potty trained, and has had very few accidents. In fact, he does not pee when he sleeps. Mom tells me that this process took me… ah… like seven or so years, and the only reason was due to not wanting to be picked on at school. Wow how things have changed for me :D Well anyway, that is nice, and he knows so many things now, but with great power comes great complaining. His independence is a little too strong (and a double standard). If he knows he can do it by his self, then he expects to do it by himself. God bless his wonderful mother as while she is a great mom, she also falls into a more typical one, wanting to make her baby happy. Well, dad had also been accused and guilty of this, however dad has seen where this is going, and it is not good. Some times, he gets so upset when something does not go his way, that I think he somehow hurts himself. Think on the lines of… pushing so hard when you poop that it does not come out well. Or think of holding your nose and breath and then attempting to force air through your nose, popping your ears, but doing it with too much force. I mean, we want happiness for our baby. It is not easy, especially since he is smart enough to get away with things. I cannot tell you how many times that I have seen him pick up a remote (game or TV) and when he is caught, he “moves” it as if it was not in the right spot. Telling him no is about the same to him as taking a bottle and busting it over his head. Um… not that he KNOWS what that feels like, because I have not ever done that.

So when it comes to getting his way, well, he expects it or he freaks out. I imagine that a lot more research into the situation would be a great idea. One problem with this is that not all are created equal. I mean, .08 blood content for some people is wacky crazy while others are almost at a mentally sober state. Give some people an aspirin for pain, and it works instantly, while the same pill for the same problem does nothing or makes it worse for another. So just going to a website where others have the issue, or asking a doctor will only get you so far. Also, keep in mind that the experiences in life drastically change things also. Jarin knows who Santa is, and telling him that naughty boys do not get toys from Santa would not have the effect that a 2.5+ year old who has not been taught who Santa is or his job function. Of course, Catholic parents could tell a kid the same age as Jarin that s/he is going to burn in the fiery depths of hell, and that child could snap into shape into a heartbeat (exaggeration and sarcasm, Catholics, some day you might learn what this is. Hahaha, I am so funny). Then add the millions of bits of other information in Jarin’s perceptional screen, and you have what you would have with any human, an extremely unique personality that is difficult to psychology break down into a way that control behavior the exact way you want. Oh yeah, and he has been stuck in his terrible two’s for over two years now :D

While I will not comment in favor or opposed to Jen’s ability to deal with Jarin, I do feel that my take on dealing with his issues is really holding up there in the average world of parenting. The one thing I would change is not “yelling” at him for anything. There are times when I get caught off guard, and could say something in the lines of “Noo! I told you not to do that!” on something. While some form of discipline would help with the situation, he really is at that point in life where just using child logic with him would be better for everyone in the long run. Also, the threats should be cut down. Telling him that he is going to go to bed if he keeps acting up 3 times in on occurrence is just going to further his mental process that “I am the master of the house and can get away with anything I want in the world”.

One thing I am happy with is how I am sticking to my guns with even the most simple of problems. Me grabbing a glass to pour his chocolate milk he has been asking for, just to have him freak out because I do not have the exact glass at the right temperature with the proper mix of milk at the right cold feel and the chocolate mix powder in the right ratio to whatever in the world he is talking about, is no longer something I tell him to stop doing and then conform to what he wants. I go into the other room, let him scream his head off and wait for him to be done, completely, with his meltdown. I like that I have taken this route. Sooner or later, the child is going to have to just accept the fact, that there are some things in life that he has to deal with, and should deal with these things with understanding, instead of dealing with it asking like an ass to everyone. He might be a kid now, and it is “understood” that he is a child, however, he is truly smart enough to start storing this information. After all, he sure had no problems dropping his own little kids at the pool when he was able to assimilate “poop = chocolate” (my word that sounded wrong). So his mind should start the process that “screaming when not getting what want <> getting what want”.
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