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Texas Toast

Well, many more pictures for upload, enjoy.


So, woke up, feeling drained for some reason. Later I would find out that my ability to spend any time with alienesse would not be possible, as she was "out" and the soonest time we could hook up would have been Wednesday, which is the day we head out to San Antonio to prepare to see my sister.

This also added another bit of "sadden" news, the fact that one of the greatest holidays, Father's Day, is most likely going to be spent driving, the entire time :'( The only holiday greater is Friday the 13th, but I would rather drive on the 13th than on Father's Day. So we shall see how well we do on Saturday. I am hoping to leave early then since San Antonio is right off I-35.

I would learn a lot about my past. Mom pulled out a folder containing, what looked like, every report card I ever had, a bunch of old papers, programs, and what not from my childhood. So where do I get my packrat ability from?? My mother. She even had a paper that I wrote, "I love you! (not much for words!) your everloving son, me". That is ALL IT SHOWS!!

Oh, in terms of my tests and what have you, I saw where I was inverting my "b" and "d". Turns out mom is dyslexic, so that is where I most likely got it from. Seeing some of the things I wrote, I understand the reason I was such a horrible speller. You can see the dyslexia in a lot of the things I (attempted to) wrote. There are also a lot of comments about my inability to "be organized or manage time". Yeah, big shock there. Spelling grades and comments? Oh yeah, you guess that one. There is a lot of stuff that I would like to break down and go over, so I hope to get to that some time after my trip.

I played a little bit of Halo 3 with my brother. I kept explaining to him I had not played 3 before, but he is a little slow to the draw some times, haha. It played pretty much like any other Halo game, minus the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a series. The reload button that I religiously wail on, the blue X button, had been changed to a bumper button. The X button was changed into an item button, so I kept dropping items left and right. Oddly enough, Jesse got tired of the game rather soon. I thought his blood had little Halo's running though it.

So thanks to wireless, I was able to use full Wiskers abilities, including FFXI (ding 18MNK!). I would also get in a nap, even though waking up from the nap was super bad. I felt as if I had a few hours sleep after being up for 24 hours. At least Jarin did better on his nap. We also had burgers to eat, even though Jarin was not much up for that.

Well we went outside when the sun was not directly out. This is a good thing since it gets so hot down here. We went over to Great Grandma Huetter's. Jarin very much did not enjoy the four dogs. Two of them were little punt-able chihuahua's that were doing their mini midget barking. Just shortly after getting inside, Jarin was already pointing to the door exclaiming "Outside! Outside!" Well, after the two mini footballs were put away, and the box of CARS was brought out, everything got better, fast. Even Max the dog was not able to freak Jarin out too bad. He kept saying "kisses" since we were attempting to convey to Jarin it was okay.

I also noticed that my rear passenger tire was dead again. I imagine this was due to driving in the grass when I parked, or maybe even the gravel. Either way, no fix-a-flat was going to work. It was time to get a new tire.

So from there we went outside, where it was suggested that I give Jarin a little ride on the ATV. I wanted to get a feel for it, and I tell you, I must have looked like a total n00b as I attempted to figure out how to properly give it gas. So I gave Jarin a little ride, as shown by the pictures taken. Then, I gave Jarin to grandma and I headed to the ATV trail where I tore it up. It was so much fun, and all I could do in my head was play the "Motor Storm song" over and over again. I was actually laughing as I drove. I so enjoyed going almost full throttle a few times.

Well, I was not the only one who turned out enjoying my ATV trip. The bugs got a few good chunks out of me. To this point, I have some big bites and I want to just scratch myself all over.

Jarin went to bed a little better than the first night. The fact the computer was on and there was some light in the room might have had something to do with it. Jarin certainly had a great day. He had a lot of fun with grandma. He most likely learned a few more tricks that mom and dad are going to have to "undo" :D Oh well, grandma gets to spoil him rotten. For instance, more chocolate milk in one day (6???)


So I stayed up a little bit doing some net reading and the like before I went to bed. Today we would go into town to take care of my tire and a few other things. We got to this little tire shop that mom says is highly recommended. They popped my tire off, and could not see the hole that was talked about. I could not either. I did see all the fit-a-flat crap inside, and the fact the tire was "unfixable" (not that you could see what needed to be fixed). It must also be getting close to Iowa State Fair time, for the shades that I had found for the trip ended up busting at the shop somehow. Why?!? Well, it turns out I forgot my wallet, imagine that. Mom was able to spot me.

We took off and I realized we left Jarin's cars there. So had to turn around to get them, then back to Wal-Mart. The one we went to was the greenest Wal-Mart on the planet (possibly). They had a windmill and solar panels that powered the store. Mom said they recycled tons of things. I looked for a fuse for my blown inverter. They had 5 then 10 in a multipack, that was it. Grandma decided to further spoil Jarin and bought him a car pack.

So we headed home. I was dead tired for whatever reason, and decided to take a nap. Again, I woke up feeling drained. At this point, it was Jarin's time for a nap. When he woke from it, he was crying and crabby and in a totally unpleasant state. He did not want food or anything else. Well, grandma worked her magic and pulled out ice cream, and the world was suddenly a better place.

As the day was winding down, putting Jarin to bed was much easier. I did not notice any fuss this time. When I went to play my games, I found that my Parodius import was not working properly. Turns out the case was messed up. I did finally get it to play, but I am not sure how long it is going to last. So I ended up going to bed before 1:00.

So to recap, inverter dead on trip up. Facebook chat on Pidgin not working. Tire found dead in morning. Glasses busted next day. Japanese import game falling apart. Ug, just once, can't anything work properly for me on a trip?
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