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Texas Roadhouse - the drive - Picture album via Facebook. Shall be updated daily, so the plan goes.


So, a little past noon-thirty we took off to TX. Some times I am extremely happy that I have such an active imagination and poor concept of time, as it makes twelve hour trips go by very easy.

I got a few pictures on the way. I was able to keep Jarin occupied by either letting him sleep, play my Gradius Galaxies game, play "Jarin broke it", or simply reach back and tickle and attack him. This actually lasted rather well all the way to TX before he started to not be happy about being cramped.

So, my first issue was taking the airport in KS for I-435. Even the directions clearly stated which exit, and "towards St Louis". Oh well that was easy to correct, and only made me about one mile off course.

Our first stop was for gas, and I grabbed a few things for munchies and drink. I cannot believe I grabbed a diet Mt Dew. I cannot believe, even more, that I drank it.

So at some point Jarin said "daddy broke it". As usual I said "Jarin broke it" to which I expected the usual parrot reply, however, I kept getting "daddy broke it". It was to the point I was laughing manically as was he. We are so easily amused :)

Oh, Jarin decided to name EVERY single "big truck" on the way here when he was not sleeping or playing games. That was fun. Jarin also liked to point out an Arby's we drove by. Oklahoma was long. I feel it was the longest part of the trip. In fact, I sent a status update asking if I was in Texas yet. I seriously thought I may have crossed a river and was there. In fact, I was only half way when I wrote it. My word! Also, I am getting very old. My right knee was totally killing me. Plus, that part of the body where the butt and the leg meet was not doing well either on the right side. Why was my left side doing so well??

So we finally stopped at an Arby's. It was the perfect spot, as we were basically out of gas, and it was right down the road. Jarin went into his usual "no mine" fit about things he did not even want. No mine chicken. Okay, then why are you not eating it?

So kept driving. Unfortunately, right as I left, the alarm on the inverter for the laptop beeped and beeped and then made a "dying beep" I had not heard before. About 30 minutes later, I realized what the sound was, as the inverter was dead. So, no more music. Good thing I was almost there.

So, we made it to Texas. By the time I was a little ways in, Jarin was asleep, and very not comfortable, crying out from time to time, and we had seen about 6 cars pulled over for what I could imagine was speeding. In fact, the first one came flying the opposite way past me, flew into the grass to cross into our road, which of course freaked me out not sure what the "safe" limit was, and he up and flew past us to hunt down some prey :)

I called my mom, just to find out an important driving tip. When you put in your ending destination into your phone, make sure you are not using old contact information from years and years ago. My mother actually does not live in Wylie! Tee-hee, silly me. She lives in a small town just a short ways away. Welcome human GPS error number two. That would take a little more than a mile since I actually had to go in the opposite direction I was headed.

So, we finally arrived, and mom (grandma) and bro (uncle) were up and about to help us in. Jarin decided that he wanted to stay awake since he had naps. Oh great. Grandma also decided to pull out every single car that uncle had. Oh even better. I think it was about two hours that everyone was up. Jarin was just totally besides himself. Car, car, car! Everyone decided to finally go to bed, well, except for Jarin who was put into bed. One thing I have found, he has gotten use to his night light. He was screaming bloody murder, "Help! Help! Light on! Help!" However, he did not last long before he passed out completely. That was my queue to finally pass out.
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